Project 365 2023 – Week 3

We started the week with torrential rain and flooding, which soon turned to ice. Sadly no snow for us, despite having weather warnings for the white stuff.

It has been a frustrating week, with traffic issues and post not arriving when it was supposed to. Fingers crossed everything sorts itself out for Eliza’s birthday next week.

Here is our week:

Sunday 15th January

After having the boiler replaced last week and finding problems with the roof, I was hoping that would be it.

After routing around for an egg cup in the cupboard I discovered it was full of water, so had to empty it, clean it out and see if i could find the leak. It did make me sort out the cupboard though and fingers crossed, we have had no more issues.

Monday 16th January

We had torrential rain overnight and a couple of major roads were flooded locally, so motorists were using our housing estate as a cut-through and the roads were gridlocked.

What is normally a 15 minute journey to school took 45 minutes and that was with me parking the car in one of the side roads and walking the kids the rest of the way into school – lets just say I was very late for work!!

Tuesday 17th January

We have gone from flooding to ice today and although the roads weren’t quite so bad on the school run, another of my main route to work had a traffic light failure, so I was late again.

I run a charity bookstall at work and someone donated a book that I wanted for Lilah, but without the vehicle that goes with it. I happened to mention to one of my colleagues that I wanted this book and she brought her sons in for me, as he had outgrown it. Lilah loves it!!

Wednesday 18th January

Lilah was poorly with Strep A over new year and she is now fascinated with Doctors. She decided that she was Doctor Lilah and made sure that everyone had a lie down whilst she checked they were ok.

Thursday 19th January

Lilah loves to help look after Willow, although she was a bit nervous of holding her after Willow made a run for it last time. Today she braved another cuddle and Willow was as good as gold, which made Lilah relax – I love this photo.

Friday 20th January

This week has been freezing and I am so glad I invested in a windscreen cover – it’s a game changer.

Saturday 21st January

We braved the cold and headed for Bournemouth Pier to visit Rockreef, a local climbing centre.

There are 28 climbing walls, high ropes, caves, a vertical slide and leap of faith challenges to complete and the kids were keen to try them all.

On our last visit, Sebby struggled getting to the top of some of the walls, but this time he did brilliantly.

He even climbed to the top of the 20ft pole and completely the Leap of Faith – he doesn’t get that from me!!

How was your week?

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7 thoughts on “Project 365 2023 – Week 3”

  1. That is rubbish about the leak. I’m glad it’s sorted now. The roads look so bad near you.
    Lilah looks so happy to have a cuddle off Willow and the climbing place looks like so much fun. x

  2. The climbing place sounds good. I’ve not seen N doing any climbing for ages as the last couple of time was with school. We had 5 minutes of snow, but thankfully dry all week. It’s been so cold.

  3. What a frustrating journey to school with the cars using your estate as a cut-through and then the traffic light failure the next day. I’m sure the local council are currently digging up as many roads as possible around here – we have road works everywhere! Is that the book with the wind-up bus that Lilah is looking at? We have one like that and the children have loved it. That’s a gorgeous photo of Lilah holding Willow. The kids look like they had a great time at the climbing centre. #project365

  4. It sounded like your week ended on a high even with the rough start. It’s great that Lilah is positive about doctors after her illness. Ethan went the other way and it causes problems. I have a windscreen cover, it saves so much time getting ready for the school run #365


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