Project 365 2023 – Week 4

It’s the end of January – how did that happen already?

To be honest, 2023 has got off to a bad start, so I am pleased to see the back of January and can only hope that things are on the up.

So far we have had a new boiler, replaced tiles on the roof, repaired a washing machine, repaired a leaky dishwasher and have a roof clean booked in for Sunday to see if that is the cause of our damp problem.

Here is our week:

Sunday 22nd January

For Eliza’s birthday she has requested her room be re-decorated and a new bed. The room is being decorated in half term, but we managed to find a small double bed needing rehoming, so operation “take down bunk beds” began.

I forgot how well put together and sturdy they were and it took us a good hour to get them apart. Luckily the people who were having them were there to help, so they knew how to get them back together once they’d got them home.

Monday 23rd January

I am loving these cold and frosty mornings as the sky is all sorts of pinks, purples, blues and yellows.

Today our washing machine decided it didn’t want to pump out water anymore, so we put a call in to get it fixed. He is so busy that he cannot see us until Friday!!

Tuesday 24th January

Eliza’s 12th birthday and Lilah insisted on helping her open her presents before school.

We always let the birthday child choose a location for dinner and Eliza loves her roast dinners, so we headed to Toby Carvery for her birthday treat.

Wednesday 25th January

Work at pre-school today and we had an Ofsted inspection. Even though its a job I have done for several years, having the pressure of someone asking questions about your role is very off-putting. I think it went ok though – we get our results in a couple of weeks.

Our preschool is in the blue token vote in Tesco, so took Lilah in to vote on the way home.

Sebby has had a heavy cold for a couple of days and I noticed he was wheezing and working really hard to breathe, so we got an appointment at the urgent treatment centre at Bournemouth Hospital.

It’s been a long time since our last visit and it has changed a lot!! Sebby was seen straight away and was prescribed steroids, an inhaler and antibiotics for an upper respiratory tract infection.

Thursday 26th January

I stayed home with Sebby and did some work from home, before heading into Tesco when my husband got home from work.

My system was down, so I did all the little jobs that I never seem to have time to do during the day, like sorting the charity book shelf and emptying the charity pots.

Friday 27th January

The washing machine engineer is finally here – my washing pile is HUGE!!!!!

I assumed that something was blocking the hose as I keep finding various items in the machine that the kids have left in their pockets, but it was actually a fault with the pump, so he put a new one on and it works perfectly again. Now to catch up on all the washing.

Saturday 28th January

Sebby’s final day of steroids and he is still coughing but the wheezing has gone. My only picture is of Willow, who I think is plotting her escape out of our old cat flap.

How was your week?

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6 thoughts on “Project 365 2023 – Week 4”

  1. Ugh! January has been rotten to you. Hopefully February will be kinder.
    The skies have been so pretty lately.
    Happy belated birthday to Eliza! It sounds like she had a lovely day.
    Aww! Poor Sebby, I hope he is feeling better now. x

  2. Sorry to hear Sebby had to go to hospital, hope he has made a full recovery now. Happy 12th Birthday to Eliza, I love a good roast also. Glad the washing machine is fixed, I can only imagine the size of your washing pile

  3. What a nightmare month you have had for things breaking. This year has to be a good one, I need it to be better than last year that’s for sure! I hope Sebby is feeling better. I think I might ask Little E where she wants to eat for her birthday in July. We have never done that before #365


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