Project 365 2023 – Week 5

Hello February!!

I would love to say that this month has started better than January, but it hasn’t improved……..yet!

Work has been stressful. January is the month of no overtime and with lots of illness about, we are short staffed, adding to the pressure. I am definitely looking forward to half term as we have a week off. Sadly we are not going away, but hopefully we can squeeze in a few days out.

Here is our week:

Sunday 29th January

If you have been following my 365, you will know that we were due to have some work done on our roof. It was booked in for Saturday initially, but because the weather forecast was better for Sunday, they moved the date.

It was weird hearing them scraping all the moss off the roof, but hoping it help solve our damp problem. They took off at least 6 bin bags full!!

In the afternoon was Eliza’s birthday party. She is still obsessed with Stranger Things and chose a roller disco. They got a 45 minute lesson before hand and then enjoyed 90 minutes of rollerskating.

Monday 30th January

It was only a couple of weeks we had to endure traffic chaos and it was round 2 today. A car accident caused a major road closure and once again, our estate was used as a cut through.

It took an hour to get the kids to school and another hour for me to get to work, something that normally takes half an hour at most!

Tuesday 31st January

It feels like a week of car moans!! We live in a cul de sac and have some neighbours who bring home work vehicles and throw their cars, vans and trucks wherever they want to and it is very frustrating as we have limited space. Today I struggled to get Lilah in her carseat to take her home.

Wednesday 1st February

It is not a very exciting week for photo’s this week. Today, when I took Lilah home, I stopped at our old favourite chippy to pick up tea. We used to use it a lot when the kids did club swimming, but haven’t visited for some time.

Their food is still as delicious as ever, but we certainly won’t be regulars again – the prices have gone up substantially!

Thursday 2nd February

Work is manic, so haven’t even taken any photo’s there, apart from screenshots of me chasing various work orders. Isaac had parents evening today which went brilliantly. Fingers crossed he keeps up the hard work.

My only pic from the day is a slightly blurry picture Eliza stroking our neighbours cat, Zelda.

Friday 3rd February

I cannot wait for half term, hopefully I will have some more exciting updates!

Willow is really enjoying her baths at the moment and we have really noticed that she is getting darker markings.

Saturday 4th February

Isaac’s volunteering day on Brownsea Island and this week Eliza finally got to join him!

They spent the day helping to prep the tern islands on the lagoon so they are ready for when the birds return from Africa to breed from March/April, getting to see the island from a whole different perspective – I am a bit jealous!

How was your week?

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5 thoughts on “Project 365 2023 – Week 5”

  1. That level of parking would drive me up the wall, a neighbour in the cup de sac parks his works van on the road, but actually has room on his drive. I can’t believe how much a chip shop visit is these days, it used to be a cheap food option, but not any more

  2. That kind of parking is annoying indeed. We have off-road parking, like most of our neighbours, but not all of them use it. So it can tricky when we get home, if the others managed to park their cars slightly in front of our driveway.
    Willow is so cute, I love seeing pictures of her.
    What a lovely thing, the volunteering, it must be so cool to wait for the birds to come back and also to know they helped with setting out the place for them. You should be so proud.

  3. I hope removing the moss has helped with your damp issue. A roller disco, what a great idea. I have never been to one. They closed down the roller place in town due to the costs. I hate car parking issues with neighbours. I’m hoping now that we have moved we won’t have as many as we had in our old house #365


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