Best Shopping Spots near Paddington Station

If you are passing through Paddington Station, you might want to head out for some shopping in between trains. Or maybe Paddington is your final destination, and you need something fun to do when you arrive. There are so many great shopping options in this area that you will have lots of choices for your retail therapy.

Shopping near Paddington can be done at local shopping streets and malls. Paddington Station is located near many of the best shopping outlets in the city, so you can use this station as a jumping-off place for a fun afternoon. Even if you are just passing through, you can still head out easily for some really quality shopping before you carry on with your journey.

Always make sure to start your shopping experience out with a stop at a luggage storage location to be sure that your bags are not in the way as you are shopping.

Shopping Spots near Paddington Station

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1.       Oxford Street

This is a really beautiful part of the city, and this outdoor/indoor mall is a great place to head for retail therapy of all kinds. You can get clothing, jewelry, home goods, and more at this mall. This is a great place to shop for big-name brands like Adidas, but there are also local sellers who make this shopping street/mall their home. There are few places to shop in the city that are as lovely as this location, and you will appreciate the environment just as much as the shopping here.

2.       Westfield at White City

This is a huge mall that offers shopping as well as dining, and even entertainment. This is one of the biggest malls in this part of the city, and it is the ideal place to head for access to all kinds of brand names for your shopping needs. You will not find local sellers here, but you can get your fill of different kinds of clothing shops as well as perfume outlets, games and toys, and more. You will want to have some extra time to make the most of a visit to this mall, so make sure that you are not heading here with only an hour or so to spare.

3.       Smythson of Bond Street

This is a stationary and leather goods store, but there are so many really cool things to see here as well as lots of great gift items to pick up at this spot. You can head here and wander around for the better part of an hour at least. If you have a short time in between trains, this is a really ideal outlet to head to. You might not be in the market for any of the goods that this store is known for, but that does not mean that you won’t find some fun knick-knacks and other cool items on sale here.

4.       Selfridges & Co

This is one of the original UK department stores, just like Harrod’s. You will want to make sure that you take advantage of a long layover in between trains to head to this really cool department store location. The company is making a transition to a lot of online sales, so you might not always be able to head to the brick-and-mortar store. There is no time like the present to take in the real retail experience that everyone has heard about but rarely experienced.

5.       Marks and Spencer

For snack and lunch food shopping, there is no better place to head than Marks and Spencer. For those who are traveling in the UK from other locations, this is a staple of the shopping options in the country, and you will want to try and stop in at this store if the option is presented to you. There is something delightful about being offered the chance to do something so local, and you will have a great time here. You might also save money as compared to getting snacks and water in the concourse itself.

6.       Paddington Bear Stand

If you love Paddington Bear, this is the store for you to visit. You will have a great time here looking at all kinds of Paddington Bear-themed gifts and items. You can get souvenirs as well as home décor and more at this cute little shop. This is one of the most unique and silly shops in the area, but it can be the perfect break in between trains. The store is actually fairly large, so you will not get bored here if you are trying to pass a little time until your next connection either. The owner is often in the shop working too, which makes it really fun to drop in and see what she has collected for her store.

7.       Harrods

If you have time to head to Harrods, you need to do so. This is a truly massive and amazing department store that has been open for generations in London. This is really the first actual department store in the UK, and there is everything from furniture, to jewelry, to perfume, to tea on sale here. There is also a really amazing restaurant on the top floor that you might want to make the most of during your visit. If you love old elevators, really cool antiques, and a shopping experience that you cannot get anywhere else, Harrod’s is the place for you to visit.

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Shopping Near Paddington Station is Enjoyable

There are so many shopping options near Paddington Station that you probably will not be able to get to all of the places that you are interested in without coming through this area more than once. From huge department stores to local shops to shopping malls, there is no shortage of different kinds of shopping to do in this part of the city. While not always the most affordable part of London to shop in, the experience is totally unique in this part of the city.

Paddington Station is an ideal place to catch another train or just to enter the London area, and you can easily have shopping adventures near the station without breaking a sweat. This guide will help you to make the most of your time shopping in this part of the city.

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