Project 365 2023 – Week 6

The kids are on countdown to half term, but apart from that it has been a rather uneventful week.

My husband went on course in Bristol so caught up with Kian for lunch whilst he was there and I had a much needed haircut and colour, although completely failed in taking any photos of it!

Here is our week:

Sunday 5th February

It was Eliza’s birthday a couple of weeks ago now and she has been itching to spend her birthday money, so we headed into Bournemouth with a list of shops she wanted to visit. We always park just out of town where it is free and walk through the park and the boys couldn’t resist messing around.

Eliza has book tokens as well as some money and came away with lots of new books, some new clothes and a couple of collectible Pop Heads.

Monday 6th February

It was such a busy day at work that it was a relief to get home and relax – I was joined for a cuddle by Willow, who seemed to like sleeping on my name badge.

Tuesday 7th February

Lilah has had conjunctivitis and wasn’t very happy about having eyedrops, so it was bribery time again. She is obsessed by care bears so got a new one which smells of strawberries (apparently).

My husband was away on a training course in Bristol, so popped in to see Kian, whilst I enjoyed a much needed haircut.

Wednesday 8th February

When the kids were little they all loved the train in the playground, but Lilah has never really noticed it before…….. until today.

Thursday 9th February

The kids are staying late at school for Shrek JR rehearsals and we had to make a quick dash to Tesco for Isaac’s eye test.

Isaac spent most of it giggling because of the funny glasses he had to wear. Thankfully his eyes are healthy although he is slightly long sighted, so has some glasses for reading.

Friday 10th February

Valentines Day is fast approaching and I always love walking through the foyer at work as it is full to the brim with beautiful blooms.

The kids were very excited by the fact it is half term and they have no school for a whole week.

Saturday 11th February

For Eliza’s birthday last month, we promised her we would decorate her bedroom. Eliza has been tasked with tidying it up and removing the stickers from her walls, so we can get it prepped and done this week.

I’m sad to see all the Harry Potter wall stickers go, but she will have a new grown up bedroom by the end of next week.

How was your week?

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5 thoughts on “Project 365 2023 – Week 6”

  1. Poor N’s has never had a decorated room. He made some mumblings about it a while back, but the OH just says magnolia everywhere. But we really should make some effort to decorate it (and the other rooms in the house).


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