Project 365 2023 – Week 8

Back to work / school with a bump this week.

The weather teased us that spring was coming with a surprisingly warm weekend, which sadly didn’t last long and I am back to defrosting my car in the mornings.

Here is our week:

Sunday 19th February

Is spring now officially on its way – we managed to get the washing on the line and dry for the first time this year.

Last week was all about decorating Eliza’s room, so we didn’t really get out of the house much, so we made the most of our final day of half term and headed for Swanage to get some sea air.

It was a lovely day, the kids one some goodies in the arcade and we enjoyed some chips as we walked along the prom. We weren’t quite brave enough for a paddle though.

Monday 20th February

Back to work and school for all of us and the traffic was a bit of a shock again. Our council just love closing roads at the moment and managed to close three around where I work, so traffic was at a standstill. My normal 30 minute drive took an hour and a half!!!!

My only picture today is of Willow relaxing in her nice warm bath. She is starting to shed and giving her a bath helps the process.

Tuesday 21st February


The kids were super excited to flip their pancakes and did brilliantly, catching them each time. Their only disappointment was that they didn’t have any strawberries, so had to make do with maple syrup, chocolate spread or lemon juice.

Wednesday 22nd February

My day working at preschool and Lilah insisted on sticking with me for the day as I was on duty in the garden. I think I wore her out with all the running around as all she wanted to do was cuddle “Boo” when we got home.

Thursday 23rd February

Lilah helped me give Willow her breakfast and afterwards sat and talked to her and tried to show her where the hoppers were that she had yet to catch.

Willow seemed to understand, as he followed Lilah’s direction to find the rest of her food.

Friday 24th February

As part of my community work with Tesco, I get to spend some time out of store visiting and helping local charities. Today I was lucky enough to visit Poole Foodbank to help put a fundraising plan together for 2023 and they are located right by Poole harbour.

Saturday 25th February

Payday weekend (sadly not for me), so I had to work and it was manic!!!

The highlight of the day was taking the car through the carwash once I had finished.

How was your week?

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6 thoughts on “Project 365 2023 – Week 8”

  1. It’s felt a lot warmer here outside too, but then for football on Saturday we were all colder than expected on the sidelines. It seems our roads are similar to yours – roadworks every direction, although it feels like it’s been like that since Covid lockdowns.

  2. Ooh you’ve reminded me that I haven’t made pancakes yet (we have a tradition of NOT having them on Shrove Tuesday) but we’ve taken it in turns to be ill so it got forgotten 🙁 #project365


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