A Guide on How to Easily Make your Own DIY Book Sleeves

Are you a bookworm who treasures books and loves to take your favourite novels everywhere you go? Well, if so, then you should look into making your DIY book sleeves! Book sleeves are the ideal way to protect your precious books from wear and tear when you’re on the go. Whether you’re headed to the beach, taking a train ride, or just carrying a book to work, you can make sure it remains safe and sound with a book sleeve.

The incredible thing about DIY book sleeves is that they can be created out of anything! With some creativity, including a few supplies, you can efficiently make a distinctive sleeve for any kind of book. From plain fabric to bright patterns to vinyl, there are so many diverse fabrics that can be employed to construct book sleeves.

Plus, you can customize them with appliqués or embroidery to make them even more extraordinary. In this guide, we will reveal to you how to effortlessly make your DIY book sleeves at home!

Why should you make your DIY book sleeve?

Before we get into how to make your DIY book sleeves, let’s talk about why it is so important in the first position. People who truly love to read books most of the time truly treasure their books and want them to remain in great condition for as long as possible. And while regular bookshelves and cases do help keep the books safe from dust as well as scratches, they do not always offer protection when you take your books outside of your house. This is where book sleeves come in!

Book sleeves are lightweight as well as comfortable to carry around, making them the immaculate way to keep your books protected while you are on the go. And since they come in such a variety of materials as well as designs, it makes sense that making your own would be the most delightful choice. So now let’s get into how you can easily make your DIY book sleeves!

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Materials required

The first step in making your DIY book sleeve is gathering all of the materials you require. Here is a list of materials that will assist you in creating your custom book sleeve:

•      Fabric

You can use any type of fabric for your book sleeve, depending on what type of look you like. Some popular choices include cotton fabric, quilting fabric, canvas fabric, or perhaps even vinyl for a sleek look. The amount of fabric required will depend on the size of your book.

So make sure that you have all the right measurements ready beforehand. Another thing to keep in mind, people usually like to choose a fabric that goes well with the design of your cover, such as color details. Speaking of cover designs, you should check out fantasy book cover artists to help you get inspired and even help you achieve your design.

•      Matching thread

Decide on a thread that matches or complements the color of your fabric for added visual interest. If you use a thread that doesn’t go well with the fabric, the design will look clustered and not appealing at all. Make sure you pick and choose the right thread for the type of fabric you have as well as the fabric color.

•      Sewing machine

If you do not have access to a sewing machine, hand-stitching is also a great choice but just keep in mind that it may take longer.

•      Scissors

Make sure to use sharp scissors for cutting fabrics cleanly as well as accurately. If you cannot do that, then you can ask someone else to get this work done for you.

•      Pins

These will help hold pieces together while sewing them together.

•      Measuring tape or ruler

This will be used to measure the correct size for your sleeve before cutting out pieces of fabric.

•      Iron & ironing board

If required, these will assist in smoothing out any wrinkles in the fabric before sewing together pieces of the sleeve.

•      Optional

Embroidery floss, as well as needle – For those looking for an extra extraordinary touch, embroidery floss and needles can be utilized to put decorative details like appliqués onto their sleeve.

Instructions for making your DIY Book Sleeve

Now that we have all of our materials ready let’s get started! Here is how to easily make your DIY book sleeve: 

Step 1: Measure &cut out pieces

First things first: Measure out the size of your sleeve based on the measurements of your book cover (height x width). Once you have these measurements worked out, cut 2 pieces of fabric according to these measurements plus ½ inch on each side (to account for seam allowance). 

Step 2: Pin & Sew seams together 

Now take 1 piece of fabric and pin it face-down onto another piece (right-side up). Sew along 3 sides (leaving 1 side available open), making sure that each seam allowance is ½ inch wide. 

Step 3: Turn inside out & iron.

Once both seams are sewn jointly, turn the whole piece inside out so that the right side of the fabric faces outward. Then use an iron (on low heat) to press out any wrinkles from the stitching before moving on to Step 4. 

Step 4: Topstitch along the edge  

Next, take some matching thread and then proceed to topstitch along one edge (to close off one side). Once this is done, move on to Step 5! 

Step 5: Add embellishments (Optional)   

This step is optional, but if you would like something extra unique, then now would be a good time to add embellishments such as appliqués as well as embroidery details onto your sleeve using embroidery floss as well as needles.  

Step 6: Finish the seam   

Finally, sew together both sides of the open seam until complete, then snip off any leftover threads and enjoy! You have now successfully made yourself a unique DIY book sleeve! 


Making your DIY book sleeves at home is an uncomplicated as well as a fun way to give additional protection plus character to your cherished books when you’re on the go! With just some basic materials and by following this guide’s instructions carefully, anyone can make their custom-made protective book sleeves in no time at all! So why don’t you try making one today?

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