Project 365 2023 – Week 11

The countdown is on for Shrek JR the Musical – we have two weeks to go and their costumes and wigs have started arriving.

This week has been a frustrating one, with shopping and parking issues, but Sebby got the opportunity to try scuba diving and loved it.

Here is our week:

Sunday 12th March

Isaac and Eliza’s rehearsals for Shrek are ramping up and they were in school from 8.45 until midday practising for their upcoming show, meanwhile Sebby headed out for possibly the coolest birthday party ever.

It wasn’t just a pool party, but an introduction scuba diving and by the end of the session, he was happily diving to the bottom of a 3m deep pool.

His brother and sister want to try it now!

Monday 13th March

A busy day at work for me, although I am wishing my artwork was better as I have a new chalk board to display items that the local food bank need.

Any tips?

Tuesday 14th March

The parking nightmare continues at home and we are documenting everything in photo’s in the hope that we can eventually get something sorted.

I am hoping they put in a service road so we can turn our front gardens into driveways, but its unlikely due to the cost.

Wednesday 15th March

We were woken at 5.30am to the sound of the reversing beeps of a lorry. He couldn’t get out of his parking space next to the black car next to mine in the picture above, as another flatbed lorry was parked behind him – he ended up hitting my neighbours car and damaging the wing.

The joy of owning a reptile is that you have live food in the house and today I found an escapee whilst making a cup of tea.

Thursday 16th March

We got the phone call that Eliza has been dreading – her glasses have arrived.

It is taking her time to get used to them, but was very excited when she realised that everything seemed a bit clearer when she was doing her homework.

Friday 17th March

Red nose day and the kids got to go to school wearing red. I attempted to take a picture of Lilah and her red nose, but it kept falling off.

Not sure I like this years paper ones either – they get squashed far too easily.

Saturday 18th March

We were supposed to go to Southampton to look for an outfit for Eliza to wear to a wedding we have next month, but Isaac booked a shift at work and Lilah was poorly, so we headed to our local shopping centre. Eliza is 12 now, so not quite tall enough for adult clothes, but has outgrown the children’s section. We were both extremely frustrated that none of the shops stocked anything in her size, all telling us to “look online”. That really isn’t helpful when you want to try things on!

At least my car got a wash!!

How was your week?

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6 thoughts on “Project 365 2023 – Week 11”

  1. The Shrek show sounds like fun and what a great party for Sebby! Scuba Diving is a great experience.
    I hope you get your parking issues sorted soon.
    My friend had a lizard like yours and was always finding escaped bugs around her house. hehehe
    I remember my girls being 12/13 years old and struggling to find clothes for the same reason. Too big for kids clothes and too small for adult’s. It really was frustrating. x

  2. Wow, that’s an amazing party Sebby went to. How frustrating about the parking issues. Hope something is done soon.
    Buying clothes in store now is just so hard. Places just don’t have the stock, and so many places are closing down

  3. The parking issues sound a nightmare, our double yellow lines are working well and we still have a parking space at the front of our house. The scuba diving party sounds amazing. The art work looks great, hope you get plenty of donations. Red Nose Day passed me by this year, I only realised it had happened the following day.

  4. How exciting that show week is getting closer. It’s fun when the costumes start arriving. The scuba diving party looks like a lot of fun. What a nightmare with the parking on your road. Ours gets bad at times but not quite like that. Glad that Eliza can see more clearly with her new glasses. Sounds like a very frustrating shopping trip trying to get clothes for Eliza. Hope you manage to find something she likes. #project365


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