4 Ways to Make Sure Your Toddler’s Bedroom Is Safe

If you are a parent to a toddler, you will understand how fast those little legs can start to move once they reach an age where they want to have some independence.

If your little one is starting to explore, then check out our four tips that will make sure your toddler’s bedroom is a safe environment.

  • Inspect for Danger

In order to make your child’s room as safe as possible, you might need to put yourself in your child’s position and assess anything that may be a hazard to them.

One example of a hazard could be sharp corners or plug sockets. Covering sharp corners can help to prevent accidents like cuts or bruises.

Covering plug sockets will prevent small children from sticking their fingers into live sockets and suffering an electric shock. Plug covers can be bought from retailers like Boots and are often made from neutral materials like plastic which sit flush to the wall inside the socket.

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  • Fasten the Furniture to Walls

If you have extra furniture in your child’s room like a bookcase or wardrobe, there is a risk that they could be pulled over onto the child, especially if they’re still finding their feet and using furniture to pull themselves up from a sitting position into a standing one.

Companies like Accu provide top quality fixtures and fastenings for a multitude of occasions, meaning that no job is too big or small. 

By using high quality fastenings, you will ensure the safety of your child by making sure the furniture is fastened securely to the wall and unable to cause any harm through crush injuries to your toddler.

  • Think About Stair Gate Placement

Stair Gates can be a lifesaving tool for keeping your children safe from stairs. 

For many young children, stairs can be difficult to navigate without adult support. Toddlers’ joints can take a long time to develop, and their shorter stature means that the height of steps will be hard to navigate without falling. 

As children grow, so does their confidence around stairs, but until that time, keeping the stairs out of reach of adventurous feet will prevent nasty falls.

You can find safe and sturdy stair gates from companies like Argos, who offer a wide range of stair gates to fit standard and wider door frames and stair cases.

  • Make Sure They Have Age Appropriate Toys

If you’re leaving toys alone in a room with your toddler, you will want to make sure that they are age appropriate, without any small parts that may cause choking.

Smaller children have a tendency to put small objects into their mouths from a young age as a way of exploring their environment, or soothing sore gums from teething. 

To prevent choking from occurring, always make sure your child has toys without small parts and can play safely with them unsupervised.

Do you have any tips for child-proofing your toddler’s room? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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