Experience Ultimate Relaxation After a Stressful Family Day Out with These Top Tips

Let’s be honest with each other; kids can drive you up the wall sometimes, can’t they? And they don’t discriminate! Kids are determined to test your boundaries whether you’re at home or on a family day out somewhere, which can result in an all-too-familiar feeling for parents; stress. 

If we can help it, the last thing we want to do is bring these feelings back home. Yet, once the kids have been put to bed and we finally have some coveted kid-free time, it can be challenging to release the tension from our shoulders, unclench our jaws, and relax. So, how do you unwind after a stressful day of parenting? We outline some of our top tips below: 

Have An At-Home Spa Evening In Your Bathroom 

If there’s one place where your kids like to interrupt you the most – it’s the bathroom. Yet, when your little ones are asleep or occupied with their favourite cartoons on the iPad, this presents you with the perfect opportunity to sneak away to the bathroom and have yourself an at-home spa evening. 

Light a couple of candles, break out the essential oils, arm yourself with your DIY facial tools, and give yourself a bit of much-needed escapism. You could even round off your DIY spa experience by granting yourself a few minutes in a heated massage chair like the ones from Komoder. 

Consider elevating your at-home spa evening by visiting their site, where you can browse their entire catalogue, read customer reviews, and much more. Or contact a team member directly to see how a heated massage chair could help you experience ultimate relaxation (if you can get your children off it long enough to use it yourself!).  


Move Your Body 

After a stressful day of parenting, completing a workout might sound like the last thing you’d like to do. Yet, getting your body moving through dancing, running, jogging etc., is an excellent way of boosting your mood since when you engage in physical activity, your body releases endorphins which give you sensations akin to a ‘runner’s high’ afterwards. 

You don’t even have to go to the gym to achieve these feelings; a quick twenty-minute home workout can do wonders for lowering your stress levels. Whether you join an online fitness class or sign up for your local gym, there are many ways to get your daily amount of physical activity and ensure you keep the stress of parenting at bay! 


Connect With A Family Member/Friend 

One of the best ways to unwind after a long day is by connecting with another family member or close friend and offloading the stresses of your day. Be it face-to-face or over Facebook, keeping in touch with the ones you love is the best way to calm yourself down, share better times, and take your mind off your own worries so that you don’t become overburdened. 

However, this can be difficult when you’re a parent, as your always on the clock! So, to avoid accumulating these negative feelings, set aside some of your free time for time with your friends. Whether it’s going out once a week for coffee or going over to their house on a designated day, you’ll feel better for spending time with friends (and less stressed!). 

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