Snuggle Up: Personalised Pillows as a Fun Addition to Your Family

Studies show that we, as adults, value time with family over any other activity. So, as caring parents, we want to pass those values down to our children by spending time doing things with them, like having family movie nights.

What better way to create a tradition that works for kids (and adults) of all ages? Grab a bowl of popcorn, a classic movie, and a personalised pillow for some extra fun, and build long-lasting memories.

Wait — a personalised pillow? What’s that, and why is it an important accessory on a movie night? Personalised pillows are for more than comfort. As we’ll discuss next, they add personality, flair, and history to your home.

Sequin Cushion

The Benefits of Personalised Pillows

Who wants blah throw pillows and plain cushions when they can have the material designed uniquely for them? Personalising your pillow to your specifications provides you and your family more benefits than a shelf-bought product.

For starters, you can personalise the pillow to match your needs. Do you want a versatile cushion that can be displayed as decor but is also comfortable enough to rest your head on as you snuggle up and watch your movies? Are you trying to find a pillow soft but firm enough to handle your back and neck aches and pains or fit your body type?

A personalised pillow is hand-made to order for each customer. From the case to the zipper, it’s all put together based on your customisation requests. The soft filling provides ultimate comfort, and the whole pillow is machine washable.

Buying your pillow from a reputable seller ensures your chosen photo will be transferred and visible. The cushion isn’t simply for show; it’s designed to be long-lasting, even with regular use on your family movie nights and other activities.

With trusted discount printing providers such as, designing personalized pillows for every family member is both easy and budget-friendly. You can even order a pillow for every family member as a gift, and when it’s time to enjoy your movie or indulge in a game night, everybody can grab their pillows!

Making it Fun and Cosy

Your home decor clearly links to the atmosphere in a room. It’s nice to match the pillows on your couch or chairs to your interior design theme, but that’s a quick way to turn the mood stuffy and boring. No one will likely use the pillows because they appear to be decoration — for the look, don’t touch purpose.

Cushions on a bed

When your pillows are personalised, they create a more welcoming, warm, and cosy atmosphere. Even better, your pillows become a part of your family’s history. Like a childhood blankie, your children will take those pillows with them as they age and may continue the tradition with their little ones. What other home decor gives you that benefit?

Choosing the Right Personalised Pillows

Of course, the key to a successful personalised pillow is to ensure you design it for the owner. That means carefully deciding which material, size, and image to order.

Do you want your pillow to be satin, with a silky finish, or extra-soft and plush? Will the person using the pillow be more comfortable with a 40 x 40 cm square, a 30 x 30 cm, or a 60 x 60 cm?

Keep in mind that most personalised pillows should be machine washable at temperatures at or below 30 or 40°C (depending on the material). The colours will stay vivid as long as you care for the pillow as per the instructions. Be honest with yourself about how you will maintain them and check the seller’s care details before ordering. Look for pillows that are easy to throw in the washer and dryer without damaging the images.

Choosing Your Theme

With store-bought pillows, you’re stuck with the options the manufacturer creates, so your style is similar to everyone else who has those same shelf-stocked items. But with personalised pillows, you can pick any theme you want and add a fun touch to your home decor scheme.

Maybe your kids love the latest cartoon character trending today, or you have a favourite family photo where everyone is acting goofy but happy. Whatever the image is, whether real or an illustration, if you can get a high-resolution photo uploaded, it can become a personalised pillow.

Making Your Own Personalised Pillows

The internet has plenty of DIY options to make your own personalised pillow. These typically involve having some basic sewing skills or learning how to sew. But more and more people want to bring the whimsy of a custom design into their homes without the stress and headache of sewing.

YouTube and Pinterest offer step-by-step instructions for DIYers to create personalised pillows without picking up a needle and thread. However, to ensure your pillow is crafted with love, you need the right image on the material you’re turning into a pillow. This is where custom printing services truly shine, as they provide an accessible and convenient solution for designing personalized photo cushions.

Custom printing services like allow users to effortlessly create unique photo cushions without the need for sewing skills. By simply uploading your favourite images and selecting from various design options, you can create a one-of-a-kind cushion that reflects your personal style.

The Versatility of Personalised Pillows

Since personalised pillows are made from images and colours of your choice, the potential for unique styles is quite literally endless. They’re so versatile that you can use them to enhance the ambiance of any room in your house. Simply choose an image and colour scheme that matches the interior design and order your pillow to match!

For example, if you’re looking to add a pillow to your rustic living room, find a farmhouse image that you love, and have it printed to make a pillow. Inspirational quotes are trending today, so if you have a favourite image of your go-to motivator, put that on your pillow as a constant reminder.

Family Nights Just Pair Better with Personalised Pillows

Ready to snuggle up and make memories with your loved ones? Grab your personalised pillows from and make it a family affair. These special pillows add fun and cosiness to the atmosphere as you get comfy. And after you’ve added your pillows to your tradition, let us know how you liked them!

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