Getting Festival Ready with Teens

We are seasoned family festival goers, heading to the likes of Camp Bestival, Victorious and Car Fest every year.

One thing we have learned is to start planning and getting your festival extra’s early, as they can often sell out as the festival gets closer.

Attending festivals with kids can be an expensive hobby, so I always advise taking toys, games, bubble solution and dressing up gear before you go.

Festivals with teenagers are slightly different as the toys and games are no longer needed, however, their “must haves” are much more expensive if you buy on site.

Must have festival gear for teenagers

Glitter Tattoos

Glitter at festivals has really taken off in recent years, with kids and adults all joining in the fun, but it can cost around £10 per person to have it done on a stall.

Glitter tattoos and body art are actually really easy to do yourself. The Glitter Tree is a one-stop shop for all things glitter related. If your festival has a theme like Camp Bestival, you could buy themed stencils, or just buy your favourite coloured glitter and the long-lasting body art adhesive and let your imagination go wild.

Photo by Nik on Unsplash

Bucket Hat

Staying sun safe is a must at a festival and the ultimate accessory is a 90’s inspired bucket hat, which has a circular brim to keep your face and neck protected from the sun.


Perfect to store their valuables (air pods / money / phone) when they are partying.


Dressing up at festivals is all part of the fun and girls especially like to add accessories, like head-dresses / festival wings to their outfits.

You will save a fortune if you source or make them before you go.

Power Bank

Today’s teenagers cannot be parted with their phones and festivals are the perfect place to create amazing content. Of course, filming TikTok’s and uploading them wipes your phone battery very quickly, so a power bank that holds a few charges is a must have!


Festivals can be notoriously muddy places if they have rain and there is nothing worse than ruining a pair of expensive trainers, so a pair of wellies is a must have.

Head Torch

For when it gets dark, a head torch is a must have for finding the toilets, or lost friends.


Food and Drink

Festival food is expensive and even teenagers have a limit on how many buns and chips they can eat containing a variety of meat. Take a refillable water bottle to keep their hydration levels topped up and snacks, so they can graze during the day.

What are your festival must haves for teens?

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