Top Time Saving Tips for your Summer Cleaning

Summer is around the corner, and it’s time to carry out some seasonal tasks around the home. Summer is an excellent time for annual tasks because you can rely on the weather, and home services are usually available. If you have some time off work, you can put any DIY skills to use.   

Clean Drains

Drain cleaning is often thought of as a winter or fall task, but the truth is, there is never a bad time to clean your drains and make sure your home is safe from blockages and undesirable flooding. The more frequently you care for your drain, the fewer problems you have overall.

There are a few different ways you can look after your drains, you can use a drain unblocker, or you can use a natural method such as hot water and baking soda. If you want to protect the local environment, a natural option is better. A natural option is also cheaper than a brand.  

Look for Leaks 

Summer is the perfect time to look out for leaks in the various water systems of your home. In the summer, leaks are easier to spot because the water is not frozen. Simply turn on the water system you want to check and monitor it for signs of leaks that might cause mold in the future. 

Some water systems where you might find leaks include the outdoor part of an HVAC system, a garden hose, and the water pipes in the basement that have been exposed to freezing weather throughout the winter. In summer, it is easier to spot leaks; it is also easier to repair them too.  

Couch Cushion Cleaning 

Now the weather has improved, it’s a chance to take the sofa cushions outside and beat them clean. The sofa is one of the most used items of furniture in the home. It is used by adults, children, and pets, so it contains lots of hair, dust, and grime. Summer is a time for cleaning. 

Don’t miss your chance to clean the sofa cushions in the summer for another year; if you do, you might not get another chance to clean them properly outside. In order to clean your cushions, you will have to beat them with a stick or use your vacuum on them for results.   

Cleaning Products

Ceiling Fan Blades 

If you live in a changeable climate, you will have to change the direction of the ceiling blades in the summer; otherwise, you will draw warm air up into the room instead of pushing the cold air from the ceiling down into it. When you have the ceiling blades off, it’s a chance to clean them. 

Clean the ceiling blades and put them back on the fan in the right direction; that way, you can keep your home cool in the summer without using the more expensive HVAC system too often. An HVAC system is also helpful, but it is more expensive and more harmful to the environment.    

HVAC Cleaning 

The HVAC is one of the most used systems in the home, especially when you live in a warm climate, but it can still be used a lot in colder areas. An HVAC has a system of ducts to allow the air into the home, but it also has a filter that needs to be cleaned to avoid any breathing issues. 

Summer is the perfect time to clean the HVAC air filter and the air ducts to protect the health of your family. If you have some DIY skills, you can carry out this work yourself. Alternatively, it’s better to call an HVAC engineer who can guarantee the work for you, but this is an annual job.  

Radiator Maintenance 

Radiators are not used often in the summer, and it’s easy to forget about them, but the summer is the perfect time to carry out radiator maintenance work to ensure that everything is working perfectly for the winter. The radiator needs to be bled, and the also thermostat needs checked. 

If you find the Radiator not heating up, you can bleed the system and check the thermostat if you have some DIY skills. Alternatively, it’s better to call out a radiator engineer to make sure your system is ready for the colder months. In the summer, there is no need to use the system.  

Shower Area 

Another high-use area in the home is the bathroom and shower area. Because this room is constantly changing temperature and has a lot of moisture, mold, and mildew can be problematic. Mold and mildew are difficult to treat and can cause some health issues as well. 

The shower area is in constant use and needs to be maintained properly. If you have a shower curtain, you can protect it from mold and mildew by passing it through the washing machines with some vinegar. To make the most of moisture in the bathroom, including an aerating plant.  

Gas Grill 

Whether it’s the gas grills on your kitchen stove or your BBQ on the patio, summer is the best time to clean the grill and make it nice and fresh for your next home-cooked meal. There is a neat trick to cleaning the grill, which is affordable and simple using a lemon and some tongs. 

Start by heating the grill up so that the bars and hot – this can also be carried out after cooking something. Next, half the lemon, pick one half up with the tongs, and place it in some baking soda. Rub the lemon on the grill until it’s clean and fresh-smelling for the next time you use it.   

Patio Stones

Summer is the best time to enjoy your patio, so why not take advantage of it by washing the stone paving and inviting your friends and family over for a gathering? Stone paving is simple to wash using conventional soap, but it’s an important task to prevent slips and injuries to guests.  

Lawn Maintenance 

Summer is also the best time to maintain your lawn and make the most out of the summer season. In the winter, the lawn is too soggy to work with, but in the summer, you can rake up the moss grass and trim the edges. It’s also a good idea to spread some new grass seeds as well.  

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