Project 365 2023 – Week 16

I don’t do a word of the week, but if I did it would be “roadworks”!!!

It has been a horrible week of traffic, with a major route closed, which has added at least an hour to the morning / afternoon commute to and from work and school. The frustrating thing is, I cannot actually see what they have done as the road hasn’t been resurfaced and apart from a couple of screens, nothing has changed.

Here is our week:

Sunday 16th April

With all the family in one place, we invited my Mum, Nana, around to see Callan and Kian, as she doesn’t see them often as they live away. Callan also enjoyed meeting Willow.

Sadly for me, it was then into work in the afternoon to finish some training with a colleague as it was the only day they could do.

Monday 17th April

It seems all I seem to do is moan about the roads or local parking issues recently, but I find it so frustrating that the council keep closing major roads, especially just as the kids go back to school.

Despite me planning a different route avoiding the road closures, it took me 1.5 hours to take Eliza to her friends house (inset day) and get to work, instead of my normal 20 minutes.

Tuesday 18th April

Callan introduced me to Pokemon Go a few years ago and now the whole family plays it. I finally reached level 44!

Wednesday 19th April

We planted an apple tree in our front garden a few years ago, but the last two years it hasn’t blossomed or produced any fruit at all.

This year we were very excited to see it blossom again.

Thursday 20th April

Only two more days left of the roadworks and I have a little route which has shaved some time off my journey to work, but it is still taking me an hour.

I hit another mileage milestone too – 11111.

Friday 21st April

Willow finally seems to be perking up and eating again, after having a sleep phase. She seems to want to be hand-fed at the moment though.

Saturday 22nd April

Isaac has outgrown his bike and has asked for a new one for his birthday. We can’t afford a new one, but my colleague at work buys them, repairs them and sells them on, so I took Isaac to look for one for his birthday.

He chose this lovely orange one and has been out on it a few times already!

How was your week?

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6 thoughts on “Project 365 2023 – Week 16”

  1. Handy getting a refurbed bike. I think we’ve got a place near us who does the same. I feel for you on the roadworks. It seems to be permanent roadworks round by us at the moment but at least ours are mostly just little rural ones – just too many in every direction thanks to fibre internet coming. Hopefully yours are all cleared soon.

  2. Sounds like it’s been a nightmare with the roadworks. Hope that everything is all open again now and the traffic is much better again. Lovely to see blossom on the apple tree. Glad Willow has perked up. Love Isaac’s new bike. #project365

  3. Our cherry tree never has more than a couple of cherries and the birds usually grab those. Our apple tree is normally good but got a bug infestation last year and we didn’t get a single apple. I want a hug with Willow! #project365


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