Project 365 2023 – Week 17

I cannot believe that we are at the end of April already, this year is really flying by.

This week has seen Isaac turn 15, he still loves his LEGO though. I have also got a promotion at work, but will still be doing my community work, which I want to continue with.

Here is our week:

Sunday 23rd April

Isaac’s 15th birthday!

He had a couple of friends to stay over and then a party at Hollywood Bowl, where they enjoyed a couple of games of bowling, the pool tables and the arcade.

Oh, and the day was interrupted by the government alert test. It came a minute early on our phones, but worked.

Monday 24th April

After the excitement of a birthday yesterday, it was back to work and school and thankfully a lot less painful than last week as most of the road closures were finished.

We normally give Willow a bath on a Sunday, but as we had been busy, we did it tonight instead.

Tuesday 25th April

We are having a management restructure at work and are losing four managers and moving to shift leaders to run the store. I applied for a team leader position and today I found out that I had been successful. It means changing my hours and a very early start on a Monday, but I am very excited about my new role.

I am also happy to report that our apple tree is in full blossom.

Wednesday 26th April

The kids have only just gone back to school after the Easter break and we got an email today to say that the schools were closed for teacher strikes on 27th April and again on 2nd May. That means the lucky devils get a four day weekend next week with the bank holiday.

Shame I have to work.

Thursday 27th April

Eliza and Isaac got a bonus day off school thanks to the strikes. At work, I set up some colouring pages for the kids that come in and am hoping they bring them back so we can decorate our store for the coronation.

Friday 28th April

As part of the school PTA we are trying to raise funds to take the kids to a pantomime. We have a coronation party next Friday and I couldn’t resist this bargain.

Saturday 29th April

Finally a day off and the kids wanted to go shopping in Poole.

I managed to find some sandals in Primark and Eliza bought herself a book but the boys didn’t get anything, apart from a go on an automatic nerf gun in The Entertainer. I think Sebby would have bought it, if it wasn’t for the fact that the hopper kept jamming.

It was the managers last day at work today, so I headed out in the evening to their leaving do at Brass Haus in Bournemouth. I worked out that it was 25 years since I last in there as a member of staff, it hasn’t changed much!

How was your week?

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6 thoughts on “Project 365 2023 – Week 17”

  1. Happy 15th belated birthday wishes to Issac the party sounds fun. Congratulations on the work promotion, hope the Monday morning early starts aren’t as bad as they sound.

  2. Happy birthday to Isaac. Also, congratulations for your promotion. I hope it will be great for you, even if the working hours are not as good.
    I love seeing pictures of Willow.

  3. Well done on the promotion, hope it goes well. Happy birthday Isaac – he’s looking so much older over the last few months. Growing up fast.
    We’ve had all the strike days too, although N has had a selection of work depending on which teachers are working.

  4. Happy 15th birthday to Isaac. Sounds like he had a great day. Well done on getting the team leader role and hope you enjoy your new job. Sophie had a couple of days off with the strikes too although Thomas was in school both days. #project365


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