The Importance of Natural Light: How to Make Your Windows Seem Bigger

Light is perhaps the most important element of interior design; it can be transformative and dramatically change the feel of a room. When you have a good amount of natural light entering a room, it helps to open it up and make it feel more spacious. Obviously, you cannot actually change the size of your windows, but you can make them feel bigger and really maximise the amount of light you can get from them. Let’s take a look.  

The Proportions of the Room

If you want to make the windows within your home look bigger, then you need to think of the proportions within your home and the relative positions of other pieces of furniture and surrounding design elements. Try to avoid overwhelming the window with other sizeable elements. You should also think about what your windows look like. Dingy, dirty windows are likely to look smaller; bright, white windows tend to look better. So try to keep them clean and replace any broken fixtures or fittings with these replacement UPVC window handles from GBDIY Store.


There are a few tips and tricks for using curtains that can make your windows seem bigger. Firstly, floor-length curtains help to make the windows seem longer as well as elongate the room in general. The same can be said for drapes that start higher up than they might need to. Hanging the curtain pole higher can create the illusion of higher ceilings. You could also choose to install longer curtain poles which means that when the curtains are open, they are not in the way or blocking the light at all.

Colour Matching

Most people tend to leave their window frames and sills as a plain white colour, and they paint around them when they decorate. However, the contrast could be emphasising the diminutive size of the windows. Painting the window frame the same colour as the walls can help to create the impression of space. You should also try to colour-match the window treatments and dressings, too, as it all creates the illusion of having more space. 

Light vs Dark

For the most part, people tend to believe that lighter colours help to maximise light and space, and this is generally true. However, sometimes, transforming the window frames and opting for a darker colour can actually make a window appear bigger. This is because the window frame shrinks back, allowing the view to take centre stage. Lighter frames, on the other hand, draw the eye and can distract from the view itself. 

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Sleek, Unobstructive Hardware

If you want to make your windows seem bigger, then you need to ensure that nothing distracts or takes away from them. This means choosing sleek, subtle and unobstructive pieces of hardware to frame the windows, from the curtain poles to the curtains, blind fixtures or whatever else it might be. Bulky surroundings can take over and hide the window. 

To Conclude

Making the most out of your windows is key to making sure that your home is as light and airy as possible. This is should be the cornerstone that all of your interior design efforts then build upon. Maximising the natural light is incredibly important, and even the smallest windows can be used to your advantage, so bear in mind the above advice and get started.

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