Project 365 2023 – Week 18

It’s the final week of building up to the Coronation and work was busy, with people prepping for a long bank holiday weekend of fun. It’s a shame the weather didn’t get the memo though!

Here is our week:

Sunday 30th April

Enjoyed a much needed day off and decided to brave the rain and head out for a walk with a friend and her dogs.

Eliza enjoyed taking control of Skye when it got busy, although she wasn’t so keen on picking up poo.

Monday 1st May

Bank Holiday Monday and unfortunately I had to work. Thankfully it wasn’t too busy and I was on hand to pick Isaac up after a day at the beach with his friends.

It had been a lovely day and he came home a little sunburned as they all ended up in the sea – rather them than me!!

Tuesday 2nd May

Another strike day at school, so Isaac and Eliza were off. We offered them breakfast at our favourite cafe – Isaac regretted his decision to stay at home and have a lie in after seeing Eliza’s breakfast.

The rest of the day was fairly chilled, although it was a struggle to get them to do their homework after a four day weekend.

Wednesday 3rd May

My day working at preschool, followed by Sebby’s swimming lessons.

He swims at a pool where there is nowhere to watch, so I headed out for a walk and found this cute post box topper left over from easter.

Thursday 4th May

Back to Tesco and it was a manic day – I think everyone was trying to get all their essentials in for the long weekend of the Coronation.

Our friends that we walked the dogs with, asked Eliza if she wanted their fish as they couldn’t look after it – of course she jumped at the chance, so she now has a fish tank in her room (minus the fish as it was fresh water, so had to settle).

Friday 5th May

Another manic Tesco day, followed by afternoon tea at Sebby’s primary school. This is the first event that I have managed to attend and not help at and it was a lovely afternoon. Sebby was also gifted two commemorative book marks, which was a lovely gesture.

Saturday 6th May

Coronation Day!!!

I sadly had to work, but did manage to catch the hi-lights on my phone, before watching it when I go home.

I thought it was a beautiful ceremony and am very proud to be British.

How was your week?

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6 thoughts on “Project 365 2023 – Week 18”

  1. I felt the same about the Coronation. I do love a huge historic event. Hope the fish has settled in ok. Eliza’s breakfast did look impressive. I could just eat that now.

  2. Eliza looked like she enjoyed her breakfast on the strike day. Love the post box topper with the bunnies. Love the Coronation bookmarks. Thomas’s school also gave out bookmarks for the Coronation. The Coronation ceremony was beautiful wasn’t it? I really enjoyed watching it. #project365

  3. What a pretty window display for the Coronation.
    Eliza’s breakfast looks amazing! No wonder Issac regretted staying at home.
    It sounds like you have had a hectic time at work. x

  4. I loved watching history unfold at the coronation but we had a paving slab delivery and lunch was dished up at the crucial moment! Fab atmospheric sea and sky pic. #project365


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