Senior sensibilities: planning for old age

As you advance in years, you may become more aware of your mortality. That being said, you might also want to ensure you have everything planned out so you can enjoy spending your time with loved ones, or doing things that you enjoy. Considering these aspects in advance could be especially helpful should you fall ill later on, allowing you to focus on yourself without needing to worry about other details. For those with children, it can also be reassuring to know you have done all you can to take care of them even if you are no longer physically with them.

Insure yourself

If you haven’t already looked into senior citizens life insurance, now might be a good time to start. Specifically designed for older adults, this can enable you to have money put aside for your dependents or next of kin that will be paid out upon your death. Depending on the provider you choose, you may need to disclose some of your medical history, as well as whether you smoke. Doing this as soon as possible can help to reduce the amount you need to pay each month. You might want to also look into any minimum terms required, as these could affect any payouts. 

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Write a will

Should you wish for your assets to be divided out in a specific way, give money to charity, or even set out preferences for your funeral, you may want to create a will. While it can be used for when you are deceased, you may also be able to create a living will, which can specify your preferences should you become too unwell to vocalise any treatments you do and don’t want. As you advance in age, or even struggle with your memory, this can help you to retain some of your wishes from when you were more lucid. When doing so, you might also want to consider who you would like to have as the executor of your will. It could be the solicitor, or someone you trust to follow your wishes as you have set out.

Think about your health

As you get older, you may be eligible for a number of different health checks. Some of these may be because certain illnesses may be more prevalent in those who are older. At the same time, you might also want to look at your diet, as well as how often you exercise. Doing all of these things could help you to reduce your risks of some types of illness, while catching others within the early stages. This can, in turn, potentially give you more options for treatment and a higher likelihood of living for longer.

Reaching an older age can be seen as a privilege that many may not get to experience. Even if you are already in your later years, you may still want to think about the ways you can improve your own life, as well as those who you care about. 

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