Why Do Jews Use Kiddush Wine Fountain During Shabbat Celebration?

In Jewish culture, Shabbat Eve is Thanksgiving Day and is celebrated every week.  One of the most significant rituals of this evening is the sanctification of food and drinks during the Kiddush prayer. There is a ritual to use grape juice or wine for sanctification during the prayer. The purpose of the Kiddush wine fountain is to serve wine after the prayer to the guests attending the celebration. Once the prayer is completed, the guests and family members can drink the wine. To drink the wine, they use a unique Kiddush cup. However, hosts can not pass their personal cups to friends and guests. They can only share their personal Kiddush cups with family members. This is why they use the Kiddush wine fountain to serve wine to guests while maintaining a high level of hygiene. Because of its elegant design, the Kiddush wine fountain also adds an impression of beauty and aristocracy. 

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The Shabbat Eve:

Every Friday, Jews celebrate Shabbat Eve to show their gratefulness towards the supreme power. There is a religious belief behind this celebration. They believe that God created the entire universe after endless work for six days. This is why the seventh day is the celebration day of God’s creation. This story is considered a motivation in Jewish culture. They also put their effort into their work for six days and Shabbat eve is when they can take a rest from their work and celebrate their life journey. 

Shabbat is also the Thanksgiving Dayfor Jews. They participate in Kiddush recitation and thank God for creating this beautiful universe and humans. Every Jew wait for this day as they can enjoy the day with their closed ones. 

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Kiddush Recitation and Wine Fountain:

The most significant ritual of Shabbat eve is Kiddush recitation when the elder family member recites the prayer known as Kiddush over a wine fountain. Jews pour wine or grape juice into the fountain and serve the wine to everyone after the recitation. 

In Jewish tradition, every Jew should drink or at least a sip of the wine. They can also drink the beverage with a meal. Even though many Jews use Kiddush cups to serve the drink, some prefer to drink directly from the fountain. 

Artistic Value of Kiddush Wine Fountain:

Kiddush wine fountains are extremely attractive. Modern graceful designs have also made the wine fountain look more elegant. There are a variety of Kiddush wine fountains available in the market. The wine fountains mainly consist of silver because of the extreme durability of the metal. 

Where to Purchase?

If you are going to buy Kiddush wine fountain, you should consider online stores rather than offline stores. The biggest benefit of online shopping is that you can have access to select the ideal wine fountain for you from unlimited stock. You can order it from your home and receive it at your home. You can also get attractive discounts from the online store. So, visit a reputed online store and purchase a Kiddush wine fountain for the Shabbat celebration.

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