Project 365 2023 – Week 19

Our week started with a visit to Charmouth for some fossil hunting, before heading home to watch the Coronation Concert. I have to admit that I thought the jubilee concert had a better line-up, however, Prince William’s speech was brilliant.

We finished watching Firefly Lane which was heartbreaking, thankfully we cheered up with I’m a Celebrity South Africa. My two favourites were in the final and I really wanted Jordan to win, by Myleene was a worthy winner.

Here is our week:

Sunday 7th May

We love going fossil hunting in Charmouth, as it is one of the best places to find fossils. A few months ago we did a sleepover at Dorset Museum and one of the volunteers recommended doing a guided fossil walk. We tried to book straight away, but they are so popular we had to wait until today.

It was a brilliant day, with all of us learning much more about how the jurassic coast was formed and how and where to find fossils. Sebby got the find of the day – an ichthyosaur vertebrae!!!!!


Monday 8th May

Monday’s are a work day for me and although I could have booked a days holiday, I decided the extra money would be nice.

Postbox topper

On my way home I spotted some teenagers trying to destroy the postbox topper on our local post box, so decided to stop and take a picture of it, which sent them running away. It is thankfully still in one piece.

Tuesday 9th May

Back to school and thankfully no more strikes for the foreseeable future.

Lilah was very excited about her Coronation Biscuit she made a pre-school. Thank goodness I took a picture to show Mummy, as it didn’t make it out of the school gates because she ate it.

Wednesday 10th May

My day at preschool and we had a full house of kids – we haven’t been that busy for a while!

Sebby is currently Lilah’s favourite and she insisted on holding his hand all the way into school.

Thursday 11th May

I have new hours at work, which means I have Thursday’s off now. It was lovely to have the house to myself for a few hours, although my time was mostly spent on housework.

I did pop out to take a couple of parcels to the local InPost lockers and my neighbours cat, Zelda, decided to follow me some of the way.

Friday 12th May

We finally have some sun, so we took Willow into the garden to explore. She loved eating the daisy’s, although she sadly isn’t a natural lawn mower.

Saturday 13th May

Another work day for me and it is clear that people’s shopping habits are starting to change with the weather. We were quiet all day, but they all seemed to roll off the beach at the same time and we were manic for the last hour of my shift.

I came home from work to find the kids finally enjoying the garden again. Fingers crossed the nice weather sticks around.

How was your week?

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5 thoughts on “Project 365 2023 – Week 19”

  1. Love the postbox topper. It was a shame there didn’t seem to be any around near us this time. The fossil hunting looks pretty cool. I’d like to try it some time.

  2. The fossil hunting looks like a lot of fun, what great finds!
    That is a shame about the teenagers trying to destroy the postbox topper. We had decorations here and I was so pleased that they were all left alone. x

  3. The guided fossil walk sounds fascinating. Well done to Sebby on his find. Love the postbox topper. What a shame when people try to destroy things like that. Lovely photo of Lilah with her Coronation biscuit. How lovely that she likes to hold Sebby’s hand all the way into school. Lovely for the kids and Willow to be able to enjoy the garden. Fingers crossed we finally get some consistent nice weather now! #project365


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