3 Ways to Save when moving to another country

Have you heard of the quote “Life is not meant to be lived in just one place.”? Well, now you do. And whether it is one of the most used captions below travelling posts on social media, or not, it is 100% true.

Our world, society and lifestyle changes and evolves. It is pointless to stick to outdated social structures that do not correspond any more to the contemporary values, process and way of living. And by that, we mean that starting a family right after college and seeking to buy your own house, do not describe the standard case any more.

The general vibe of multiculturalism spreading, the easy access and modern methods of learning foreign languages, the establishment of social media and the growth of means of communication, have all contributing to more and more people deciding to move to another country. Educative or financial reasons have always existed, though now there is observed a higher population transfer, while other reasons, such as volunteering have been added up. We should not forget to mention the digital nomads, which also meet great increase, after the awakening pandemic era.

From considering moving abroad, to deciding it and later on completing all the processes required, it takes a lot of arrangements, whereas the expanses are not insignificant.

Here are 3 important steps for you to implement, that will help you save some money!

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash
  • There is such thing as good timing.

Timing in the case of moving comes with multiple things. It’s not only about the moving costs from the moving service provider (we will elaborate next) that vary according to the scheduled day and mainly to the specific time of the year, but more related to something long-lasting. Searching for accommodation in a different country, is a high demanding process that requires patience and luck. While several European cities or even whole countries, face a massive housing problem, available options come in very specific moments, and definitely vanish quickly. In case you are willing to make a property purchase, it surely becomes even more complex and consulting property law partners may offer you all the guidance that you need. 

  • Shipping and Packing

Decluttering our personal space is a very impactful process as it’s part of an overall mindset of life declutter and better energy flow, boosting our mood. Although, in most cases we avoid it and as expected, when we decide to invest time to it, it takes much longer. Moving out is a very good reason to finally make this declutter you’ve been postponing for years. Additionally to making a broader of research for the shipping company that you will hire, it would be beneficial to get rid of any unnecessary items and limit your stuff, reducing the occupying space and weight, thus the cost.
Separate your stuff in 4 categories: the ones you’ll take with you, the ones you’ll keep but not take with you yet, the ones to sell and make extra profit and the ones to donate. 

  • Local Bank Account 

By applying for an international bank account in your home country, or a regular one but in the country of your residency, is a great way to discharge of expensive transfer fees and add money to your pocket. Plus, if you take care of it in advance, you will have guaranteed access to your money upon your arrival. 

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