4 Amazing Islands to Explore by Bike

Deciding to explore a travel destination by makes it possible to reach further places than on foot maintaining at the same time 100% autonomy and on the other hand enhancing your physical fitness.
You get the chance to view very beautiful natural landscapes, which you can explore anytime in the extent of your desire and take as many photos as you want, coming more in touch with the country’s scenic nature, thus its culture. If you are travelling with friends, a bike adventure consists a great bonding activity as well.

Although, finding the bike that suits your needs the most, isn’t always an easy process, whilst the bike is one of the products -like mattresses- that you need to try and cannot just order online. This may be equivalent to visit multiple stores, something that demands to consume time and money. Therefore, some stores like Fidusa, provide the service of customising a bike based on your own body measurements and riding style, allowing you also to select an exclusive design that matches your personality.

While it would be awesome and an unforgettable experience to traverse several places by bike, this is not achievable due to the different terrain types that they have. Which are four islands that encourage such an attempt?

  • Naxos, Greece

The Mediterranean country that hosts millions of tourists every year, as famous for its thousand coasts and beaches, unique scenery and delicious food, couldn’t but be included in such a list. While in general Greece isn’t very appropriate due to its rough terrain and poor bike infrastructure, some islands give visitors the opportunity to be explored by bike. Naxos, the largest island of Cyclades, has several archaeological sites and worth-visiting mountainous villages, while the Mount Zas, offers thrilling trails and breathtaking views. Don’t miss out tasting some local cheese. 

  • Mallorca, Spain 

Again, with our attention turned to the Mediterranean, this time we travel across the Iberian Peninsula. Stunning coastline, picturesque villages and diverse breathtaking landscapes. The well-maintained roads and extensive network of cycling routes indicate Mallorca as a top destination for cyclists. The mountain rage of Serra de Tramuntana is a UNESCO World Heritage, where you can also attempt some climbing. For a more leisure kind of bike-tour, bike paths alone the coastline, will lead you to hidden secluded coves.

  • Corsica, France

Cycling at the Île de Beauté may not be suitable for a beginner cyclist that seeks for a go-to destination for launching his series of travelling adventures by bikes. Yet, it attracts cyclists prepared for a challenging adventure, as it’s the home of the Corsican GR20, one of the toughest long-distance hiking trails in Europe, 180-kilometre long. Charming seaside towns leading to turquoise waters and  hilltop villages with aromatic vineyards, compound the untamed nature of France’s enfant terrible. We suggest visiting during the shoulder seasons of spring or autumn, for a quieter and not so crowded experience.

  • Vancouver Island, Canada 
Photo by Jordy Chapman on Unsplash

Flying from the Mediterranean to the Pacific Ocean, we land to Vancouver Island, next to the coast of British Columbia, in Canada. “The Island” as called from the locals, rewards any visitor with a unique blend of breathtaking coastline, dense forests, and abundant wildlife, that prove bravely why its ecosystem is recognised as one of the most diverse in the world. In between the 20 most known different bike trails, we distinguish the Galloping Goose Trail (55 km) that runs parallel to the railway line and the Wild Pacific Trail (9 km) that offers panoramic ocean views and the opportunity for brief surfing-breaks. 

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