Daily Skin Care Routine while travelling

Every travel experience comes with a great contradiction. We desire to get rid of our responsibilities, even the simplest and more personal ones, and enjoy the maximum of some care-free resilient days, whilst non-neglecting some fundamental parts of your daily routine, that enhance your overall looking and health.

In such a framework, we meet the daily skin care routine. The ease with which we can execute our skin care routine when at home, has mostly to do with the fact that we have in our availability all the products, from the least to the most necessary, additional to our general devotion to our routine. Although, when travelling neither we do have in our disposal all the products that we daily use (according to the type of our trip and our accommodation we might actually have only the strictly necessary one) nor the willingness to show dedication in anything that requires a checklist and a timeline.

With a secondary thought, we understand that neglecting our self-care routine might not be a matter of life or death, isn’t also though such a demanding case to quit from. Let’s not forget that the environmental circumstances, such as difference in the level of moisture or dust/pollution in the air, might affect our skin, and we want to avoid the consequences.


How can we achieve ensuring to our skin the required caring, adjusted to the circumstances? Keep reading to find out!

  • Lip Balm

Its size makes it impossible to be left out even if you’re travelling with only a personal item. Maintaining your lips smooth and moisturised is the simplest and most easily applicable form of skin care.

  • Face Care

The most important item to pack, even if directed into the wild jungle, is your cleanser and sunscreen. Wash your face at least when waking up and before going back to bed, to remove any dirt, oils and impurities. If you have the possibility, don’t forget your serum, moisturiser, day/night cream and eye cream or any of the above.

  • Body Care

The difficulty of using body moisturising products stands for the fact that the travel size package might not be aligned with the total amount required for a multi days trip. While at your home comfort you can spoil yourself applying different layers of body care products, as serum, cream, oil, lotion, butter etc, this is not the case for travel. As body care still remains important, we consider that one of the types of products mentioned above should belong in your luggage, and we suggest a coconut or almond oil, which benefit dry or sensitive skin.

  • Beauty Products

Besides the need to avoid over-packing, give yourself a break from high-end cosmetic treatment, enhancing and showcasing your physical beauty with some finishing touching. Select as your partners your all-time concealer and some mascara.  

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