7 Tips For A Great Summer Staycation This Year

Staycations gained popularity several years ago when international travel restrictions were in full force. Instead of leaving the country, these budget-friendly holidays are spent in your home country, city, or even at home. However, according to MoneyTransfers.com, about 72% of Brits still prefer staycations in recent post-pandemic times. This is of little surprise as there are several advantages of staycations such as the opportunity to know your city better, go on an adventure, save money, and it’s a more eco-friendly form of travel. So, if you’re unsure about whether to travel abroad this summer, here are six tips to make a staycation more fun and exciting.

  1. Create a budget

A budget is usually one aspect many forget about when planning a staycation. The last thing you want is to overspend on your staycation when you could have all the fun without breaking the bank! Just like international travel, creating a budget gives you better insights into your finances and how much you can spend. Additionally, a budget allows you to make the right choices, such as the mode of your staycation or the various activities you can indulge in. 

When creating a budget for your staycation, it is advisable to consider the amount of money you have allocated for your staycation. Next, you should outline possible costs you may incur during the period. Sticking to the budget you draw up is also advisable to avoid overspending and keep track of your finances. 

  1. Make detailed plans

Once you know how much money you have for your staycation, it’s time to make plans! Your plans play a major role in determining whether your staycation will be a success or not. Regardless of whether you’d spend your staycation at home or in a different town and city, you cannot skip the planning process. For example, if you plan on enjoying your staycation at home, make a plan for the various activities you would be engaging in, such as binge-watching your favourite movies and series, baking something new, or playing games at night. Likewise, if you plan on having your staycation out of the house, be sure to factor in aspects such as your meals, accommodation, and mode of transport. For instance, you can book local taxi services such as Enroute Taxis to pick you up from the airport. Where necessary, be sure to make bookings well in advance and follow up on your reservations beforehand to avoid any issues.

  1. Create a schedule

Although you may have planned how you want to go about your staycation, it is important to remember you have not created a schedule. On the one hand, a plan is a rough idea of what you want to accomplish within the period. On the other hand, a schedule puts it all into perspective, giving you structure. With a schedule, you can properly factor in various activities within the allocated time frame. For example, if you plan on taking a hike, a schedule would assist you in finding the right time to get it done to ensure you can carry out other activities on that day. Additionally, a schedule reduces stress and anxiety, alleviating the worry you may have of being unable to accomplish what you aim to achieve. 

  1. Do things you love

One of the purposes of a staycation is to give you the opportunity to rediscover and relax. A great way of doing that is by making time for things you enjoy. You are always occupied with numerous tasks during the week, giving you little room to do things you enjoy, like shopping, getting a massage, reading, or even catching up on sleep. Allocating time to do what you love increases your happiness, which ignites your creativity and gives you a sense of fulfilment. Therefore, be sure to include activities you enjoy in your staycation itinerary to make it more fun and exciting for you. 

  1. Explore your city

How well do you know your city? When you think of going on a trip, your immediate environment is not among the places you consider. However, many cities, like yours, are filled with hidden gems waiting to be explored! For a fun, exciting, and memorable staycation, you should consider exploring your city. There are several ways you can explore your city. For instance, you can be a tourist for the day. All you have to do is visit popular tourist sites such as art galleries, museums, and historic monuments to learn about your home city. You can also simply wander off, roaming through the streets and just taking in the scenery and ambience of it all. Another way you can explore your city is through its cuisine. Food provides more than nourishment. Behind every meal, there is a rich culture and history. Therefore, you can consider going on food tours, visiting local restaurants, or visiting food markets. 

Edinburgh Castle

To ensure you get the right experience, you can consider visiting your local tourist website to gain more information on the various tourist locations and, where possible, when they are open to the public. You can also read blogs from reliable travel bloggers to gain more information on the right places to visit within your city.  

  1. Take advantage of local discounts

Staycations are supposed to be a cost-effective form of exploring. So, why would you want to overspend or use a large chunk of your budget on it? Fortunately, there are several local discounts you can take advantage of. You can use these discounts to reduce your overall accommodation costs and even gain access to other amenities. You can also consider using your credit card during transactions to gain loyalty points. You can find these coupons with a simple search on Google. You can also look out for these coupons from websites such as Groupon. 

  1. Disconnect from the world

This point may seem a bit peculiar, but it is an effective way to ensure you would have the most fun during your staycation. There are several distractions that may occur, either causing your staycation to come to an abrupt end or making it difficult for you to enjoy your time. This is why disconnecting from the world —-briefly is a good idea. Where possible, you should disconnect to enjoy the ambience of relaxation surrounding you. Therefore, do your staycation, put aside your phone and laptop and avoid work, or talk about work. If you want to converse or connect with others, you should call your friends and family to avoid such topics. Additionally, your staycation provides the perfect opportunity to take a much-need social media cleanse. Taking a break from social media helps your mental health, boosts creativity, increases your self-worth, encourages good sleep, and reduces the anxiety associated with the fear of missing out. You can also consider muting your calls and emails to reduce distractions or impede your efforts to relax. However, knowing that you cannot completely shut yourself from your world is important. Your loved ones would need to get in touch with you regularly. It is advisable to make the exception to ensure you reach out to loved ones without causing them anxiety.

Your staycation is bound to be filled with adventure and fun! However, the success of your staycation would depend largely on the list provided. So before you embark on your next staycation plans, be it home or away, be mindful of these pointers. But you should be advised this is not an exhaustive list. Therefore, be sure to look out for more practical ways to make your staycation worthwhile.

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