Creating a Mood: Lighting in Home Design

Interior design hinges on a couple of things, and one of them is lighting. Lighting is vital; it creates ambience and sets the mood for a room – it can really transform a space, too and make it feel bigger, warmer, colder, whatever the case may be. Most homeowners today combine natural light with artificial light sources to create the effect that you are after. It really can be a game changer for a space. 

The Role of Lighting in Home Design

Lighting is vital to creating the right atmosphere for your home, and it helps to bring your interior design efforts together. Your décor should complement your lighting and vice versa. There are so many different forms of lighting that you truly can create whatever you want to in your home. It really helps to boost all of the different colours, textures and finishes of the home. It can be used to illuminate and emphasise as well as minimise and disguise. Choosing the right lighting design helps you to strike the right balance between creating warmth and comfort and ensuring practicality. 

An Overview of Basic Lighting Types

There are a lot of different lighting styles, but for the sake of keeping it brief, we’ll stick to the basics for now. Firstly, and arguably the most common, is overhead lighting. This is used more for function than fashion. Overhead lighting tends to hang on the ceiling in the middle of a room to illuminate it. Most houses already have these as standard, meaning you do not need to install them. 

There is also accent lighting which is installed to highlight a specific feature in the home. It could be used to put a spotlight on a specific piece of art or maybe create an ambience in the dining room. Accent lighting can be provided by lamps or other wall lighting. This form of lighting represents more of a marriage between fashion and function. 

Lastly, there is task lighting (which, I’m sure you can guess) is designed to help you to complete tasks. It is often found in kitchens and home offices, and it is meant to be much more practical. It serves a purpose, but that doesn’t mean that it also isn’t effective in creating the right vibe – think about under-cupboard lighting in kitchens; it’s practical but still looks really cool. 

Light Panel Kitchen

Installing New Lighting

If you want to revamp the lighting in your home and install any new lighting, it would make sense to hire a professional to do it because electrics can be tricky. You might also want to have the electrics in your home assessed too. You can get an electrical installation condition report to provide you with an idea of exactly how safe your electrics are. If you are looking for an eicr certificate in London, then you should look at Hexo Electrical Testing; they can also carry out any repairs and maintenance needed.  

In Conclusion

Lighting is such an important component of interior design. Most homes already have lighting in one form or another unless you are building your home from the ground up. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to overhaul it if you want to. 

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