5 Essential Self-Care Tips for Mums to Prioritise Their Health

Being a mum can be a tricky balancing act between caring for the needs of your young ones and keeping up with daily demands, leaving little time or space for self-care. Yet investing in yourself and making time for you are essential components to overall health and well-being; that is why in this article we offer five important self-care tips tailored specifically for busy mums. Grab yourself a cuppa and let’s see how you can be a healthier and happier mum:

1. Schedule ‘Me Time’

In the hustle-bustle of motherhood, finding time for yourself may seem impossible – but fear not! With some creativity and intelligent time management you can carve out precious “me time”. Set your alarm earlier so you can appreciate a peaceful dawn or use nap times for rejuvenating breaks; and lean on family or friends as support systems when possible for extra help.

You should also use “me time” for reconnecting with yourself by reading that long-forgotten book, taking luxurious baths, practising mindfulness techniques or engaging in hobbies of interest that allow you to step back from a busy life and breathe!

2. Get regular check-ups

Regular check-ups are integral for overall wellness, so as a mother it is incredibly essential that we prioritise these appointments. From physical exams to screening exams, regular visits with your healthcare provider not only keep track of general concerns but can address specific reproductive health needs too. 

And don’t be scared to get advice or help around gynecological needs and so forth – there are specific clinics that are built to help you with this – consider going to a Women’s Health Clinic if you’d like specialised care around these needs.

By seeking regular appointments you empower yourself with information to take control of all aspects of health, such as reproductive wellness.

3. Prioritise Sleep

Every mum longs for quality slumber! And while it’s often taken for granted that busy mothers are going to have interrupted, lower quality sleep, this shouldn’t be the case.  Sleep should not be seen as an indulgence; it should be seen as essential. 

A consistent bedtime routine can work wonders. Dim the lights, create an ideal sleeping environment and restrict screen use before bed. Delegate some nighttime duties to your partner or children, and seek guidance from an accredited sleep consultant to unlock peaceful slumber for good!

4. Nourish Your Body

Being a mum sometimes leads to prioritising everyone else’s nutritional needs above your own – but remembering yourself is crucial! Leveraging meal planning and batch cooking as tools for creating nutritious meals quickly available; try filling your plate with fruit, veggies and whole grains that energise both body and spirit too.  Additionally, staying hydrated all day long is crucial to good health.  

5. Manage Stress

Mums know all too well the impact that chronic stress can have on both their physical and mental wellbeing; therefore it’s crucial for moms to manage life’s stressors in an effective way in order to remain well and safe from its pervasive presence. 

Take action now if stress becomes an unwelcome guest! Engage in stress-reducers like deep breathing exercises or engaging in creative outlets as ways of relieving the tension that builds within and set boundaries around time/energy use so as not to sacrifice precious time/energy investment.  Additionally, seek support from friends and family if everything starts becoming completely overwhelming.


In all the excitement and chaos that motherhood entails, don’t neglect yourself when caring for others’ wellbeing – remember your own wellbeing! By following the tips listed here you can guide yourself toward an enhanced sense of health, happiness and resilience that prioritises your needs as a woman and will honour you as a crucial part of your family.

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