Project 365 2023 – Week 23

I have never been good with hot weather and always choose to holiday somewhere cooler, so I am struggling a little with this heat wave.

Tesco is fine as the air conditioning is on full blast, but home and preschool are sweltering. I gave in and bought a neck fan this week, which has been a god send!

This week has been mostly work for me, but my husband has jetted off to Benidorm with his friends for a joint 50th birthday hurrah. Just need to think of somewhere to go for me next year!!

Here is our week:

Sunday 11th June

Last night we went to a party in Colchester and today was the great drive home.

Thankfully, there was no drama as there had been on the way up and we made it home without a hitch in time for Abbey’s surprise birthday meal.

Abbey’s partner, Paul, made her cake – he did an amazing job!!

Monday 12th June

Callan gave Sebby his birthday present at Abbey’s birthday and wanted to see him open it.

Sebby’s normal routine when he gets home from school is to game online with his friends, but today his new LEGO was more important and he sat quietly and built it.

Tuesday 13th June

Lilah adores Care Bears and when I asked my friend Tracy if she had any Care Bear fabric to make Lilah a summer hat, she made not one, but two.

Lilah is very happy with them, although wanted to wear them both to school!

Wednesday 14th June

The adventures of Willow continue. She wants to get out of her vivarium as soon as someone comes downstairs in the morning and today, she decided it was her day to learn to climb the sofa.

The only problem is that she hasn’t learned how to climb back down again!

Thursday 15th June

My husband headed back to Essex yesterday, ready to catch an early flight from Stansted with nine of his friends to Benidorm, to celebrate their 50th birthday’s, leaving me at home with the kids. Sebby hasn’t got into bed with us for years, but decided I needed company.

I think our bed is more comfy than his, as even with the curtains open, he didn’t want to wake up!

I had just got into work, when I got a phone call from the school – Eliza hurt her ankle playing rounders and couldn’t put any weight on it.

Our local urgent treatment centres were all fully booked, so a trip to A&E it was……….5 hours and an x-ray later, it was just a sprain.

Friday 16th June

Eliza was supposed to go on a school trip to our local Heath today, but sadly missed it as she is on crutches. She was very happy that she gets to use the lift at school and all her friends were very jealous.

Sebby came home with an outstanding learner certificate from school for discussions about the Beowulf stories and his focus on Maths.

Saturday 17th June

Eliza and Isaac have missed a couple of their volunteer sessions with the Young Conservationists, but were back today helping out on a stand for the Great Big Green Week at Baiter Park.

I stayed for a couple of hours to help them set up and despite it being a little cooler than previous days, it was hot work setting up the marquee and stand.

How was your week?

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6 thoughts on “Project 365 2023 – Week 23”

  1. Ahh! I have seen those neck fans on TikTok, I was thinking about getting myself one. I like the sunshine just not the heat.
    That cake is fab! I hope Abbey had a great birthday and those Care Bear hats are so cute.
    I am glad Eliza’s ankle was just sprained and nothing worse. I hope she is feeling better now. x

  2. I’m not a fan of the heatwave either. Thankfully we had some rain here in Yorkshire which was really helpful!

    Those cooling blankets are really good. You just wet them and they feel cold for hours, great for putting over your shoulders when it’s hot, or putting them over you at night when it’s too hot. They saved me after I had my son and I was having hot flushes all the time!

    Corinne x

  3. Weather has been too hot for me. Bit of a shock when you leave an air conditioned place and feel the heat! Love the birthday cake and glad the injury was only a sprain. #project365

  4. Abbey’s birthday cake looks amazing. Hope she had a lovely day. I love Lilah’s Care Bear hat. Sebby getting into your bed when your husband was away made me smile – Sophie does that too. Poor Eliza – hope her ankle sprain heals quickly. Well done Sebby on his outstanding learning certificate. #project365


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