Tips on booking your next flight

Planning an overseas or even local trip is one of the most exciting things. When planning and saving begin, you start dreaming about the moment beyond the planning – taking off on a plane to your destination of choice. However, when sifting through multiple airline carriers and travel agents, you can become overwhelmed. Finding the exact flights to suit your budget can be stressful, so we have compiled a list of tips for booking flights for your next holiday. 


Private planes

More and more, travelling by private jet charter has increased in popularity. People travel privately for many reasons, regardless of background or net worth. Some include convenience, exclusivity, and luxury. Private flying offers you all of this and so much more. Consider the following when making your next private plane booking: 

  • Look at the number of travellers before you book a plane. Remember, companies such as ACS have several private planes available for charter, so you can find one that fits everyone.
  • Before making your plans, get quotes to determine the companies with the best offers in your budget. ACS has a long-standing reputation for offering clients something that works for their budgets.
  • Look at the requirements you will need onboard your flight. And chat with the service providers about your in-flight meal options and other requirements.  

Research and then compare

Thorough research is one way to ease the stress of booking a flight. And then compare airlines. The key lies in looking for certain things to make your life easier. First, look at different airlines. Start with well-known airline companies, then move onto your local carriers. Next, you can look at travel agencies to see if they provide any discounts. Once you have a list, you can unpack it further by looking at the following: 

  • Cost, which is often the most important. Cost is the best way to work through your process of elimination list.
  • Flight durations are vital. For instance, if you find five carriers with the same price point, but only one has a 10-hour flight duration, while the others are 20 hours, then opt for the 10-hour flight.
  • Stopovers and connecting flights are other points to consider. Often flights with stopovers and connecting flights are cheaper, which is a win, but longer in travelling time. Choose wisely.
  • Check out the membership or loyalty programmes if you want to travel frequently. This helps when you become a frequent flyer. 

By researching and comparing airline carriers, you will be able to book affordable trips, especially during the time of soaring prices.  

Be flexible with dates

Now, this is only sometimes an option but hear us out. If you need to travel to Barcelona on 12 July for a wedding, you certainly cannot leave on 14 July, but for a general holiday, it is often ideal to travel off-peak and find the best time to book a flight. Try not to choose flights over weekends. They are generally more expensive and busier. Opting for a flight during the week or travelling during the off-peak season means you will find more affordable options.  

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Book in advance

This one is a game-changer. In some parts of the world, travel agencies allow you to pay a portion of your flight up front and then pay the rest off in instalments up until one month before departure. This opens travelling to almost everyone. And it works well if you do not have all the funds at once but can rather pay it off in monthly instalments. Even if you have all your money saved up, booking as far in advance as possible is always better. If you need to travel to Cape Town in 2024, book your flight in 2023. Booking at least six months in advance will result in significant savings.  

Check for alternative airports 

For many destinations, there are multiple other airports to choose from. For example, you do not have to land at Heathrow if you are flying to London; you could opt for Gatwick or Oxford. Often you will find that flying to airports closer to city centres or mega hubs is more expensive than flying to ones on the outskirts of a city. Always check how close it is to your accommodation and if the Uber or rideshare cost will be high.  

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Sign up for flight alerts

Many airline carriers alert the public when they have a price drop in a popular route with only limited seating available. It is advisable to sign up for these flight alerts. Sometimes last-minute bookings can save you a fortune.

Research airline carriers and compare them. Look for flights with little to no stopovers or with stopovers if you are okay with the wait. If you are into something private and luxurious, a private plane will do – and you can customise it. Next, consider the dates you want to travel and off-peak seasons. Then book your holiday as far as possible to ensure you save as much as possible. 

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