Project 365 2023 – Week 25

I am not going to lie, it has been a tiring week.

I have worked 12 days on the trot and by Friday I really needed my day off, but sadly it wasn’t quite the relaxing day I hoped it would be, with not one, but two visits to Dorchester Hospital.

Here is our week:

Sunday 25th June

I don’t tend to work Sunday’s as although I enjoy them, now I work Saturday’s I like to have at least one day with the kids. This week however, one of my colleagues was on holiday and I volunteered.

I was forewarned that Saturday night had been particularly busy so would have to clear the carpark when I arrived – thankfully, it appeared the trolley fairy had paid us a visit over night, much to my relief.

Monday 26th June

Working Sunday meant that I was able to set my Monday up as I wanted it, which made my early shift run nice and smoothly.

It was also the launch of Prime in Tesco!

We sold out of the ice pop one on the same day, but they didn’t go as quickly as I thought I would. We had sold out by Thursday though.

Isaac also started his work experience week. He was supposed to be on Brownsea Island with Dorset Wildlife Trust but sadly, they have bird flu on the island, so it was cancelled. Luckily, he has a swim assistant job and they found him a last minute place. His first day was in their head office writing our swimming certificates.

Tuesday 27th June

Isaac’s second day at work experience and he was in the pool helping teach much younger kids than he is used to, but he enjoyed it.

It is a busy time for donations with lots of summer fayre’s and my only photo was of some hot dogs that I donated to a school.

Wednesday 28th June

Sebby had been complaining that his shoes hurt and when we measured his feet, he had gone up a whole shoe size (oops).

New shoes less than a month before he finishes school isn’t ideal, lets hope he doesn’t grow too much over the summer!

Thursday 29th June

Isaac doesn’t start his work experience until 9.30 so decided to help me with the school run.

I hope Sebby doesn’t expect me to offer this type of transport.

Friday 30th June

Isaac didn’t have work today and we promised him breakfast at Flamingo Cafe.

He was very excited by his biscoff milkshake!

I haven’t mentioned it here, but my step-dad had a stroke last Wednesday and had been unresponsive since. We visited today and although still very poorly, he opened his eyes and managed to communicate a couple of words with us.

We stopped to visit my Mum on the way home to find she had taken a tumble, so it was back to Dorchester Hospital to get her checked over. Thankfully she is ok apart from a couple of bruises and we were back home by 1am.

Saturday 1st July

Another work day for me, but when I got home I had an exciting delivery. I got sucked in on Tik Tok by their sonic cleaners and bought one.

You need to buy a cleaning solution to use with it, but despite being skeptical, it really works!!

How was your week?

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6 thoughts on “Project 365 2023 – Week 25”

  1. That’s handy that Isaac still had a work experience slot to do. NHope your step–dad is still improving. I always get sucked into social media ads. Generally the purchases work out ok.

  2. Oh no! You have been working lots.
    Ahh! Yes, Prime in Tesco caused a few arguments over the past week here. My girls saw it and of course had to buy one of each flavour then argued about who’s was who’s. lol
    Ugh! That is no fun having to buy new school shoes this late in the school year.
    I am so sorry about your step-dad. I hope he is doing better now and I hope your mum is OK too. Sending love and hugs. x

  3. So sorry to hear about your step-dad. I hope he will feel better soon, and your mum as well.
    Hopefully this week you will have a bit more time to relax and work less.

  4. Glad that Isaac was able to find an alternative for his work experience week – what a shame the work experience job on Brownsea Island had to be cancelled. That’s quite frustrating having to buy new shoes at this point in the school year! Thomas has trashed his school shoes but has black trainers for PE so I’ve been sending him in wearing those. I’m so sorry to hear about your step-dad’s stroke and your mum’s tumble. Glad your mum was ok apart from bruises and that your step-dad was able to communicate a few words. #project365

  5. I still don’t get the fuss over the prime drinks. We haven’t tried a single one!

    Hope your step dad is continuing to improve and glad your mum was ok after her tumble.


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