Get the right fit with Start-Rite Shoes

Buying school shoes is a summer holiday tradition in this house, but thanks to Sebby going up a whole shoe size since his last fitting, we have had to do it earlier than planned this year.

In the past, I’ve bought a pair of cheap and cheerful shoes to tide the kids over, but past experience has taught me that this is a false economy and I am better off investing in a quality pair that will last.

The other problem with shoe shopping in the summer holiday’s is that every other family is doing the same thing and the shops are bedlam. This year I have invested in a foot measuring gauge for home, so I can measure the kids feet and order their shoes online.

I gave Sebby the Start-Rite website to look through and choose which shoes he liked.

He is heading into Year 6 this year and still prefers a rip-tape style shoe for ease.

He chose Strike as his favourites and I approve. We walk to school daily and these have reflective panels which are great in the autumn/spring term when daylight is limited.

They also have a scuff resistant heel and toe bumpers for added durability and the biomechanical sole unit is designed to enable the child’s foot to move naturally at that stage of development.

They shoes also have a breathable mesh, to keep the feet fresh all day long and dyed-through leather for scuff resistant colour.

Sebby loves his new shoes and they have been comfortable enough to wear all day, straight away.

Have you bought Start-Rite Shoes before?

Disclaimer: We were sent the Strike shoes to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own

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