3 Ways Moving Somewhere New Can Impact Our Kids (and How to Soften the Blow)

As parents, we always have the best of intentions but of course, it’s not always interpreted that way from our children’s perspective. Moving somewhere new is a very good example because we are doing it to give our children and ourselves the best start but there are so many different impacts it can have. So here are some potential ones and how you can help your kids navigate them.


A Change in Routine

Routine changes are one of the biggest impacts kids can feel in general. A change in moving class can instantly result in a few disrupted night’s sleep. We always have to remember that any change in routine can be unsettling, especially for children who need consistency and get anxious at the drop of a hat. We could easily be dealing with a lot as well and if you are looking for the best UK to France removals companies and are attempting to uproot your life with minimal impact, any change in routine or attitude from yourself can give your kids a major dose of anxiety. We have to do our best to support them and encourage our kids to express how they feel about the move. This also means having to maintain routines as much as possible. Bedtime and meal times regardless of where they are can provide a sense of stability.

Changes in Family Dynamics

There’s only two ways this can go: your family can come closer together as you are all dealing with the challenges or there can be an increased level of tension within the family resulting in impacts on your children’s well-being. The most important thing you can do is to work together on everything. Exploring new places together and helping your children feel like this is a whole new experience for you as well can bring everyone together. It becomes essential to create positive experiences and this will provide a solid foundation as you navigate this whole new life together. It’s also important to encourage your children to meet new friends by getting them involved in local clubs or extracurricular activities. This can help them to form an identity all of their own, independent from you, which is essential for their development.

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A Change in Their Coping Mechanisms

Depending on their age, they could feel an inability to deal with this type of change. While overcoming challenges in a new environment can develop resilience it is important to involve your children in the planning process. Giving them a sense of familiarity with this new place is critical so you can all adapt to this new life together. Your children will experience more changes than you and this means that now is the ideal opportunity to strengthen the family bond. Now might be the time to start new hobbies together and to be a more solid unit than you have been before.

Moving somewhere new will always have an impact on our lives, so we must remember that it will have an even bigger impact on our children’s.

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