House Renovations That Can Keep the Winter Weather Out

There are many ways of improving your home’s ability to keep the heat in as the winter approaches, such as adding small-scale home insulation measures. 

But what about house renovations? Here are several ways to renovate your home to keep the winter weather out!


Average Total Installation Cost: £1,900 to £4,000

Having a porch added to your property is one way you may have yet to consider to keep the winter weather out. Building a porch can take several days or even one to two weeks (and potentially more in some cases). The timespan can vary depending on a range of factors

An enclosed porch can work like an airlock, lowering the warmth lost whenever you enter and exit your home. It can achieve this by limiting the ability of wind to blow directly into your home.

Naturally, the more secure and energy-efficient your porch, the better it will generally be at keeping the heat in. The downside is that porches can become very warm in the summer so it’s worth asking the professional who installs your porch about tips for keeping it cool on hot days.

Photo by Carina Brewer on Unsplash


Average Total Installation Cost: £150 to £600 per window

Adding double-glazed windows is one of the best and least disruptive house renovations to keep winter weather out.

Double-glazed windows can lower heat loss by 75-80% as replacements for single-glazed windows. While triple-glazing offers even better results, double-glazing offers greater value for money. If money is no object, opt for triple-glazing. Double-glazing is arguably the best upgrade.

Floor Insulation

Average Cost: £1,000 to £1,800

Did you know that draught-proof flooring exists? This flooring can limit or prevent draughts in certain parts of your home and thus help the winter weather out. This involves having insulation added beneath the flooring itself. An ideal time to add this measure is before replacing your flooring, although this isn’t necessary.

Other Ideas to Consider

Beyond the measures discussed above, you may want to look into the following measures:

  • Replace your boiler – Average Cost: £1,500 to £4,500
  • Replace all of your radiators – Average Cost: £2,400 to £4,100
  • Upgrade your entire heating system (i.e. replace boilers and radiators) – Average Cost: £3,900 to £8,600
  • Wall insulation* – Average Cost: £400 to £750
  • Loft insulation – Average Cost: £200 to £4,100

*Just be sure to opt for the correct type of wall insulation for your home if you’d like to go down this route.

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