5 Ways to Achieve A Low-Maintenance Garden

While many people love gardening for all its creative and mental health benefits, others would rather just have a garden that’s easy to access but doesn’t demand too much from them. Still, just because your garden isn’t as elaborate as others doesn’t mean it can’t look amazing. All you need to do is pick the right style to ensure your low-maintenance backyard ticks all the boxes. 

Go For Decking Over a Lawn 

Although a lawn adds color to your yard, it can be tedious to maintain, especially if you don’t want to mow the lawn every few weeks. What’s more, you’ll need to clean up fallen leaves and maybe even deal with moles. Instead, DIY decking installation provides a modern and easy-to-maintain solution. Your deck is suitable for year-round use and you can decorate it with flower plants, fairy lights, and much more. If you still feel you need some grass ()especially if you have a dog), a patch at the end of the deck could work. 

Weatherproof Garden Furniture

You also don’t want to spend hundreds on garden furniture only for it to deteriorate from weather exposure and rot. The good news is that you can find plenty of weatherproof furniture (complete with covers) that are suitable for all seasons. Furthermore, knowing the secrets to cleaning garden furniture and removing grime will keep them in the best condition and last longer. 

Storage And Organization 

It’s easier to maintain your garden if you don’t have equipment, tools, and toys littered all over the place. This is why garden organization is such an effective solution. From sheds fitted with stable plastic shed bases to weatherproof garden chests, there are many ways for you to keep your garden organized. These options will benefit you even if you don’t spend a lot of time gardening,  because you can store certain items inside them when the weather changes to ensure they do not get damaged. 

Perennial Plants

Picking the easiest perennials to grow is a great way to enjoy a stunning and colorful garden without worrying about how much sunlight or water each plant gets. This approach is perfect for people having a garden for the first time, as it can make it look beautiful without expecting too much. As you learn more about gardening, you can add more ambitious plants and flowers and maybe move away from a low-maintenance garden. 


Let A Little Bit Grow 

If you have grassy areas, you can help the environment by letting the area grow. Low maintenance doesn’t need to mean you don’t have any greenery for wildlife to thrive. It can just be a spot you allow to grow over the year. A little wildness never hurt anyone, and you can even plant wildflower seeds to encourage pollination. 


A low-maintenance garden offers plenty of benefits but while it won’t demand as much work, you still need to take care of the various features and additions. You want to be able to spend plenty of time outside, and these ideas can help you design the garden that suits you perfectly.

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