Project 365 2023 – Week 38 & 39

What a couple of weeks!!

I am so behind, but it has all been worth it, as I have been visiting Barney and helping out on school trips.

Here is our weeks:

Sunday 24th September

We travelled up to Sussex so the kids could meet their new nephew.

They all had their fair share of cuddles before we had to head back to Bournemouth for my brother and sister-in-law’s gender reveal.

After a spate of girls in the family, it is now the turn of the boys to take over!

Monday 25th September

After a lovely day yesterday, it was back to work with a bump, but I did get to finish early for Sebby’s last ever sports day at primary school.

He didn’t win any of his individual races but his house did win the overall most points of the day.

Tuesday 26th September

My day to pick Lilah up from preschool and she decided that Sebby was her favourite today and snuggled up with him on the sofa to watch Spongebob.

Wednesday 27th September

My day working at preschool and I took some new magnetic toys in for the kids to enjoy.

They amazed me with their creations and imagination, making ice rinks, force fields and castles!

Thursday 28th September

Another trip to Sussex, this time to take my Mum up to meet Barney.

We didn’t stay too long as had to be back for the school run, but managed to take Barney out for a short walk, which was lovely.

In the evening, I took Sebby to a tour of Isaac and Eliza’s school. He has been inside a few times for events, but this was his opportunity to see classrooms and to meet the teachers.

I think he found it overwhelming but exciting at the same time. I cannot believe my baby is going up to secondary school soon!

Friday 29th September

It is Bournemouth’s Arts by the Sea festival this week and we ventured down to see some of the creations. Our favourite was definitely PORTAL, a huge 15m construction covered in mirrors and lights.

Saturday 30th September

Another work day and my only photo is of our Community Grants blue token unit as we have changed the charities this month.

There is a massive focus on schools and youth projects at the moment, so if you work for a school or still have kids at school, get them to apply at

Sunday 1st October

The day that Isaac has been looking forward to for months – the chance to drive some of his dream cars at Car Chase Heroes.

He drove three automatic cars himself, a McLaren 570S, a Furious GTR and an F1 Aston Martin Vantage and managed to take them up to 50mph.

He also enjoyed a spin around the track in an Atom and a BMW, with the Atom having an impressive speed of 0-100mph in 2 seconds!!!

Monday 2nd October

My early day at Tesco with nothing exciting happening.

I did manage to take a photo of this mushroom growing out of a crack in the car park.

Tuesday 3rd October

Willow hasn’t been very active lately, probably as the weather is cooling down, but the Indian summer seems to have woken her up again.

Wednesday 4th October

A couple of weeks ago, Isaac and Eliza performed at the opening of a new school in Bournemouth and featured on the local news.

Isaac’s drama teacher told me that she had a brilliant photo of Isaac from the play and sent it through to me and I just have to share it.

Sadly he has no desire to be a lawyer or a judge, I think it quite suits him LOL.

Thursday 5th October

Eliza’s house won the house competition at last year and today was reward day – a visit to Thorpe Park.

I was really lucky to be invited to go along too as a helper – the perks of being on the PTA. The kids were all well behaved and I even managed to get on a couple of rides myself.

In the evening it was back to school for a Yr11 meeting about GCSE’s. It’s a massive year for Isaac and I think it has finally dawned on him how much work there is to do.

Friday 6th October

I visited my Mum to take her shopping and run a couple of errands and was happy to see that my favourite yarn bomber has made a new topper for the post box.

Humpty Dumpty

Saturday 7th October

A very busy day at work as we appear to have a sickness bug doing the rounds and were very short staffed. My only photo is from a donation to the food bank made by a local preschool for Harvest Festival.

How has your week been?

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5 thoughts on “Project 365 2023 – Week 38 & 39”

  1. Lovely you were able to spend time meeting their new nephew. Time races on so fast doesn’t it – secondary school is whizzing by for us or so it seems to be. Those cars look so cool. N would love something like that (or maybe the tractor version)

  2. Gorgeous photos of the kids and your mum with Barney. Hope Sebby enjoyed his last ever sports day at primary school. Ours are always in the summer term. Lilah looks happy snuggled up with Sebby. How exciting for Isaac getting to drive such cool cars and I love the photo of him performing in the play. #project365


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