Review: Connetix Magnetic Tiles

There is a new favourite STEM toy in the house and even the teens and adults are getting involved.

Connetix magnetic tiles offer endless play possibilities, you can enjoy clearer refractions, strong magnets and vibrant colours as you create limitless structures – from castles and towers, to animals and vehicles.

We introduced these magnetic tiles to Lilah first and she immediately got to work laying them on the floor to build an ice rink for her dolls.

The connectix tiles come in lots of different colours and shapes and Lilah enjoyed finding and naming each shape and colour, with is brilliant for introducing early maths.

Once she realised that the tiles were magnetic, she intuitively started building upwards and cleverly made a house – she may have had a little help with the roof, but soon mastered it.


I have since taken these into the preschool where I work and the kids adore them. The structures are remarkably sturdy and the only limitation is the kids imaginations. We have built large castles, rockets and even force-field prisons for their imaginext villians.

Not only are they brilliant for stimulating your child’s imagination, teaching early STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths), but they are food grade non-toxic and have rivets for extra safety.

Connectix Magnetic Tiles are priced from £20 at

Disclaimer: We were sent Connectix Magnetic Tiles to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own

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