Project 365 2023 – Week 41

The kids are on countdown to half term and if I am honest, so am I as I haven’t had any time off since July.

We have had a busy week with auditions, assemblies and Blog On Kids to enjoy.

Here is our week:

Sunday 15th October

Enjoyed a quiet day at home catching up on housework whilst Isaac and Eliza had auditions for the new casting company at Jamie Lee Dance Academy, where they both do musical theatre classes.

They both felt that their auditions went well and we should find out this week whether they get in.

I think Isaac is hoping to get cast in a new Star Wars film!!!

Monday 16th October

My early start day and I have noticed a distinct drop in temperature. My car said 3°C when I got in it, thankfully I didn’t need an de-icer, but will pick some up, just in case.

Willow has been shedding, so has been sleeping a lot but I think we are coming out the other side and seems more active again.

Tuesday 17th October

I have moved my working days around, so a rare morning off with my husband so we headed out to our favourite cafe for breakfast.

Their American pancakes are amazing!!

Wednesday 18th October

We were expecting torrential rains and high winds thanks to Storm Babet, but the morning was lovely and the rain didn’t arrive until the afternoon.

In fact, we got off lightly and didn’t notice a particularly stormy night at all.

Thursday 19th October

Once a term, Sebby’s school do a poetry assembly and this term it was Sebby’s class who took centre stage with a brilliant poem about the Vikings.

Despite being one of the smallest in his class, Sebby is normally hidden at the back, but today he was proudly performing at the front and did really well.

Friday 20th October

It feels weird working a Friday and its definitely a much busier shift, but it works out better for the family and all the various clubs everyone attends, although typically, Isaac and Eliza had an inset day.

I got an email to say that Eliza had been successful for her audition at lunchtime, but nothing for Isaac. It was a stressful wait to see if Isaac had got in too, but thankfully we got another email at 9.30pm to say that he had.

My only picture is of our food bank board today and my attempt to make it more eye catching………..I really need to find someone more talented to update it.

Saturday 21st October

Today we had an early start as were heading up to BlogOn Kids in Bracknell.

Isaac and Eliza are too old for it now, but enjoy working it, so came along to help out. The highlight of the day was meeting all the birds of prey from Berkshire Birds of Prey.

Sebby’s, however, was meeting the team behind Deddy Bears and managing to win himself one.

How was your week?

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5 thoughts on “Project 365 2023 – Week 41”

  1. I miss doing Blogon and seeing everyone, but the kids version isn’t for us as N would never have gone even if he was young enough.
    Well done Eliza and Isaac on their successful auditions.

  2. The musical theatre classes for the kids sounds fantastic for them. Well done to them with the auditions and being successful.
    Your breakfast looks so good, you do right making the most of your time off to enjoy a meal out with your husband. x


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