Project 365 2023 – Week 45

I always think my weeks are quiet, but when I look at my 365 we do quite a few activities. Well, when I say “we”, I mean the kids.

Preparations for Christmas are well under way at work, so its definitely keeping me busy and Isaac is busy at school with his mock GCSE exams. Some are “easy” and others are more challenging.

Here is our week:

Sunday 12th November

Isaac and Eliza both joined a musical theatre group this year and today was their first show. I volunteered to chaperone the kids, so go to see all the inner workings of the show and watch the rehersals.

It was brilliant and Isaac and Eliza performed songs from Mean Girls, Jekyll and Hide and Sister Act.

Monday 13th November

I mentioned that last week that the Christmas reviews had started to role in and today we reviewed the Number Blocks play set from Learning Resources.

Lilah really enjoyed playing with it, but was unhappy that it only came with the number “3” – you have to buy the other numbers seperately.

Tuesday 14th November

It is too early to put Christmas decorations up, but we have tried some new lights in our dining room window, which Lilah loves.

I need to figure out how to hide the wires now.

Wednesday 15th November

Do you remember the Chewbacca mask that went viral on social media a few years ago? Well, Eliza found it in a dressing up box and is going to wear it for her performance as the Beast in a couple of weeks.


They have all had fun racing around the house with it on, although Lilah doesn’t like it!!

Thursday 16th November

I took my Mum shopping today and we enjoyed a wander around Dorchester. Mum bought some new clothes and I took advantage of the buy one get one half price in Hotter, buying some new boots.

I almost let this Venus Fly Trap toy from the John Lewis Christmas ad to fall into my basket, but I just resisted! He is cute though.

Sebby has only been back swimming a few weeks and is already back in the swing of it. I don’t think he will be a club swimmer like Isaac and Eliza was, but its nice to see him building confidence in the water again………..the diving still needs some work though.

Friday 17th November

A busy day at work for me and then an evening playing Mum’s taxi.

This fox was not bothered by the comings and goings from our house and happily just stood there watching everything that was going on.

Saturday 18th November

Today was Isaac and Eliza’s volunteer day on Brownsea Island. The weather wasn’t great and it was touch and go as to whether the boat would run, but thankfully they made it across safely, even if it was a bit of a bumpy ride.

How was your week?

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5 thoughts on “Project 365 2023 – Week 45”

  1. Crikey that does look a bit choppy, glad the boatride was ok. Sounds fun being involved behind the scenes of the musical theatre show.
    I kind of need to get N back swimming again more regularly. He’ll never go back to lessons, but it would help build up stamina for his football, and the strength. They never really got taught diving, so N’s is non existant.

  2. The musical theatre group sounds like a great experience for the kids.
    Those lights are so pretty. I am thinking about putting the xmas decorations up. hehehe
    That Chewbacca mask did make me chuckle and I would have been tempted to buy the Venus Fly Trap toy. x

  3. How lovely to see a fox so close to home, he doesn’t look bothered by you being so close. The sea does look choppy, glad they managed to get to the island. The Venus fly trap does look cute

  4. I’ve been out and about at night a few times recently and seen some foxes and rabbits. We’re waiting for December before we have think about Christmas but the streets have lights up #project365

  5. Glad Isaac and Eliza’s show went well. I quite enjoy chaperoning and getting to see shows coming together at rehearsals. Thomas is getting that Numberblocks set for Christmas – he already has the other Numberblock figures though so shouldn’t be disappointed by it just coming with Number 3. The Chewbacca mask looks perfect for playing the Beast. I can see why you were tempted by the Venus flytrap toy – they are very cute. #project365


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