Simple Ways to Set Up The Perfect Patio This Winter

Winter has well and truly landed and it’s time to start thinking about all of the wonderful festive celebrations coming up in the next month. Relaxing and soaking in some much-needed quality time with your loved ones is something that you always look forward to as you wind down for Christmas. However, there are still plenty of preparations to make before you can put your feet up! Spending time outdoors is something you always enjoy doing as a family and that is no different, even when the temperature drops to freezing. Setting up the perfect patio this winter is the ideal way to get ahead and make sure your outdoor space is ready for any guests that might be visiting you in the coming weeks. If you’re not sure where to begin, here are a handful of simple ways to help you set up your perfect patio this winter!

Fresh Paving

Your perfect patio wouldn’t be complete without stunning, fresh paving. Even if you already have areas of your garden paved, now would be the ideal time to spruce it up and make it feel winter ready. Porcelain paving slabs are a stunning option to bring a touch of luxury to your back garden, and you can make them work with a garden of any shape or size!


With the dark winter nights, it’s obviously very important to make sure that your lighting choices are just right outside. You want to be able to see your friends and loved ones whilst creating the perfect atmosphere in your outdoor space. From lamps to hanging fairy lights, there are so many different lighting options for you to add to your garden this winter.

Garden Lights

Outdoor Heaters

Outdoor heaters feel like an essential purchase as you set up your patio for the winter. Let’s face it, you won’t want to spend hours and hours socialising outside if you’re freezing cold. Investing in a couple of outdoor heaters for your garden will create a more warm and welcoming space, and they can also add to the overall decor.

Blankets and Soft Furnishings

On your outdoor chairs and tables you need an abundance of cosy, soft furnishings that will help everyone to feel comfortable whilst you spend time outdoors. Blankets and outdoor cushions aren’t too expensive, and they will be a lovely addition to the space you’ve created.

A Pizza Oven

If you’re expecting a lot of guests in your garden this winter, you may want to think about how you’re going to feed them all quickly and simply. A pizza oven is the ideal way to elevate your outdoor space, and it’s also super practical too. It’s not just pizza that you can cook to perfection in an outdoor pizza oven, you can also cook seasonal foods such as turkey and roast potatoes. Ideal if you’re looking for a little extra oven space this festive season!

Hopefully, these ideas will help you to create the perfect patio in your garden so that you can enjoy a wholesome and sociable winter!

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