The Neglected Features of Home Design

Home design is about finding the right aesthetic to suit your style – but that isn’t all. It’s about weaving together practicality and style. Sometimes, the practical element is overlooked – especially in new-build homes constructed for speed and sales more than anything else.

Think about it: everything from where you decide to place your power outlets to how you position those big, beautiful windows that open up your home makes a difference.

Let’s explore some essential – but often overlooked – aspects of home design. 

Power Outlet Positioning

Often forgotten until you need to charge something, the placement of power outlets can play a huge role in the functionality and the look of your space. Imagine a kitchen where the outlets are just where you need them, hidden yet accessible, making appliances use a breeze. Or a living room where the outlets are strategically placed so they don’t mess with your interior vibes. Getting the placement of power outlets right can be a subtle yet game-changing aspect of your room’s design.

Doors and Window Positioning

Now, think about your doors and windows. They’re more than just passageways and openings. The positioning of windows and glass doors to naturally allow light through makes a big impact – that’s why so many homeowners are interested in open plan designs.

Placing your windows so they frame that gorgeous view outside and flood your rooms with natural light can change the entire feel of your space. And doors? When placed right, they don’t just connect your rooms; they can create a sense of flow and openness that brings a home together. 

It’s all about thinking about how these elements can work to enhance ventilation, light, and the overall feel of your home.

Spacious and bright bedroom interior with beige decorations, hardwood floor and a book on the window sill seat

Cupboard Positioning

Then there are cupboards, critical for storage but so often just stuck in without much thought. But here’s the thing: where and how you place your cupboards, especially in places like your kitchen or bedroom, can make your daily routines smoother and more intuitive. It’s about envisioning a kitchen where everything is just a small reach away or a bedroom where the closets are designed to make the most of the available space. The right cupboard placement marries necessity with design, blending storage needs with a sense of elegance.

Appliance Positioning

And let’s not forget about built-in appliances. We’re talking about those key items like ovens and refrigerators that are essentials but also contribute majorly to your home’s overall look. In a kitchen, integrating these appliances seamlessly saves space and creates this sleek, cohesive appearance that pulls the room together. It’s about finding that sweet spot where functionality meets style.

The real charm lies in those often-overlooked details. Thoughtful positioning of elements like power outlets, doors, windows, cupboards, and appliances is like conducting a silent symphony that harmonises practicality with beauty. These elements, when placed with care and foresight, can completely transform not just the layout of your home but also enhance how you experience life within its walls.

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