Project 365 2023 – Week 49 – 52

As you can see, I have got a bit behind in my final Project 365 of 2023, thanks mostly to a full on schedule of work – that’s retail at Christmas for you, but I do enjoy it.

Here is our Christmas:

Sunday 10th December

Lilah’s 4th birthday – I cannot believe she is 4 already and therefore off to school in September.

She went on the Polar Express for her birthday, whilst I worked. I did get a special visitor to see me though, who gave out little gifts to the staff and customers.

We did see Lilah too as she popped in after her day out so we could all sing Happy Birthday with her cake.

Monday 11th December

Eliza has been in her element this year as we have left her in charge of the elves. Today her inspiration was Harry Potter!

Tuesday 12th December

My only photo from today was me stood under an umbrella and my soaked jeans. It was a very, very wet day and my 5 minute walk to school resulted in me getting soaked through.

Wednesday 13th December

Looking tired already and Christmas hasn’t properly kicked in yet, but I fully elfed up for my last shift at preschool.

Thursday 14th December

Isaac and Eliza had a Christmas concert at school. Isaac sang a solo of Stop the Cavalry and we got to see a performance of Gaston from Beauty and the Beast that they are rehearsing for. Cannot wait to see the show now.

Friday 15th December

The last day of term. Isaac and Eliza both had half days, but Sebby had to stay for a full day.

My day consisted of trying to manage the Christmas Market that arrived in our store at the same time as charity collectors. It wasn’t ideal, but we made it work.

In the evening we had our preschool Christmas night out and I opted for a traditional Christmas dinner – it was delicious.

Saturday 16th December

Another work day for me and it is starting to get busier as people make their final preparations for Christmas. My only photo is of a postbox topper that appeared on our local letter box.

Sunday 17th December

With their drama, Isaac and Eliza really enjoy seeing performances at the moment, so we took them to Beaulieu to see an outdoor performance of A Christmas Carol.

It was absolutely brilliant and even Sebby enjoyed it as we got to follow the actors around the old Abbey.

Monday 18th December

Tesco, in their wisdom, decided to open at 5am, which meant an even earlier start than normal for me. What was more frustrating is that we didn’t see one customer before our normal opening time of 6am.

Tuesday 19th December

My last day off before Christmas Eve and we headed to Sussex to see Callan, Chelsea and Barney.

We haven’t seen him since he was three weeks old, so he has changed a lot. The kids managed to get smiles out of him, he stubbornly refused for me!!

Wednesday 20th December

Eliza excelled herself with the elves today!

She was happy to create this seen – less willing to clear it back up again!

Thursday 21st December

The first really busy day of Christmas week. The kids however, got to go and watch Aladdin again at Poole Lighthouse, which they thoroughly enjoyed. I made the most of waiting for them to come out by having a dusk walk around Poole Park.

Friday 22nd December

Another busy day at work, I normally average around 16,000 steps a day, but I have broken the 20,000 mark.

Eliza created a science experiment with the elves today, which Sebby enjoyed – well apart from the fact he couldn’t eat the skittles.

Saturday 23rd December

Our busiest day of Christmas and we ran out of Turkey’s, Mince Pies and crackers, much to customers frustration.

I beat my steps record for Tesco – it actaully tipped over 26,000 after I got home.

Sunday 24th December

A day off!!!

For Christmas, Sebby asked to go on the Polar Express as it is our Christmas tradition to watch the film on Christmas Eve.

It was lovely day and the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves, although I think it would have felt more magical in the dark, rather than a dreary grey day.

We decided on a new Christmas tradition this year and headed to Bournemouth Gardens and their Christmas Tree Wonderland. It was lovely, although a lot busier than we expected.

Monday 25th December

By some miracle, we were awake before the kids with Callan phoning us at 8.15am to wish us a Happy Christmas.

It was a fairly chilled day, we popped over to see Nanny in the morning and then I went to pick my Mum up, who was joining us for Christmas dinner.

Once Mum was settled back at home, it was then time for Dr Who, which we all thoroughly enjoyed.

Tuesday 26th December

Boxing Day is traditionally games day ay Nanny’s house and this year was no exception.

We got a new game called Get Wet, which basically involves in you being sprayed if you get the answer wrong. Let’s just say it started quite sedately but soon escalated!

Wednesday 27th December

I was supposed to have 5 days off between Christmas and New Year, but sadly, due to illness, I ended up going back in early.

Thursday 28th December

I had wanted to get Sebby’s hair cut before Christmas, but couldn’t get an appointment, so finally managed to get it done today, before heading in to work.

He then insisted on trying to wear their mini tree like a hat.

Friday 29th and Saturday 30th December

Both work days and sadly failed to take any photo’s at all.

Sunday 31st December

Because I had Christmas Eve off, the agreement was that I worked NYE and OMG it was so busy. I think because our opening hours were squeezed into a 6 hour window and the fact there had been a big lottery draw the night before, I just didn’t stop.

Thankfully the evening was a bit calmer, with Just Dance battles and more games.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!!

8 thoughts on “Project 365 2023 – Week 49 – 52”

  1. What a wonderful December you had!
    Wow! Time does fly, I can’t believe Lilah is 4 already either. What a sweetheart she is.
    It sounds like work was hectic in the run up to Christmas and it looks like Eliza had fun with the elves. hehehe x

  2. Looks like it was a good Christmas period despite having to work. Love the dance battles. Just Dance is pretty much the only video game I liked when I had the Wii, but I’ve not played it in years.
    Can’t believe Lilah is already going to be starting school in September. Time flies so fast.

  3. It seems like the Christmas period was enjoyable, even though you had to work. I particularly love the dance battles. Just Dance was the only video game I enjoyed when I had the Wii, but I haven’t played it in years.

  4. Sounds like a busy run up to Christmas and over the New Year with work. Glad you managed to find the time to fit so much in t=with the children and grandchildren also. How did Lilah get to be 4 already?

  5. Oh my goodness, how is Lilah four already?! Looks like she had a lovely birthday. Love the festive postbox topper. The outdoor performance of A Christmas Carol looked great. Lovely photo of you having cuddles with Barney and what a gorgeous smile the kids got out of him. The elf photo for 20th December made me chuckle. Looks like you had a lovely Christmas – shame you had to go back to work early. #project365


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