Project 365 2024 – Week 4

Eliza’s birthday week and we officially have another teenager in the house!!

Work was busy and I got to attend the grand opening of the new warehouse for Poole Food Bank as part of my Community Champion role at Tesco. It is always interesting to meet and network with their other supporters and see how they all benefit the community.

Sadly the week didn’t end on the high that I hoped it would, as our planned day out was cancelled last minute.

Here is our week:

Sunday 21st January

With Eliza’s birthday on Wednesday and their ever increasing program of rehearsals as they draw near to their production of Beauty and the Beast, we decided to celebrate with a meal today instead.

Eliza loves roast dinners, so headed out to a pub called the Trumpet Major, where she could indulge in a carvery and the boys could choose something they liked. My only photo from the day was of my strawberry trifle cheesecake – OMG it was amazing!!

Monday 22nd January

A busy work day for me – January is always reset month, where everything is spring-cleaned within an inch of its life and sign off day was approaching fast.

Even my food bank chalkboard got a scrub!

Tuesday 23rd January

Eliza’s birthday is tomorrow, so I headed into Poole to buy some last minute gifts and the all important balloons.

Despite being 12, Eliza was very, very excited about her birthday and we struggled to get her to go to bed, so we could get her balloons up and ready for the morning.

Wednesday 24th January

We officially have another teenager in the house as Eliza turned 13!

My husband was on an early, so Eliza opened a few presents in the morning and the rest afterschool. We got good reactions to a couple of presents, but the best was definitely when she opened her card which contained tickets to go and see Mean Girls the musical.

Happy Birthday Boo!

Thursday 25th January

My day off and I had to wait in for a mattress delivery. It was actually supposed to arrive on Monday, but they appeared three hours after our delivery slot, so no one was home. Thankfully, it arrived bang on time.

It always surprises me who small mattresses are when they are vacuum packed, but my goodness it was heavy! I had to wait for Isaac to get home to help me upstairs with it. He did try and claim it for his bed!

Friday 26th January

We made the paper!!

On Wednesday, I attended the grand opening of Poole Foodbank’s new warehouse with my fellow Community Champions and other companies that have been supporting them, where we all received a certificate of thanks. It was lovely to network with other companies and see the impact we have all made.

Saturday 27th January

I am not going to lie, it was a bit of a rubbish day. Back in October we met the fabulous team from Berkshire Bird of Prey at BlogOn and the kids had such an amazing time looking after the birds that we booked onto a Hawk Walk.

The weather was perfect, cold but clear, the kids got up with no complaints and we set off on time. An hour into out 90 minute journey we got a text to say it was cancelled as they had a fox get in over night. Thankfully no birds were hurt, but they were very unsettled so needed time to relax.

So, we had a two hour round trip up and down the M3, which isn’t the most picturesque of motorways. Thankfully the kids took it well and took to a bit of bird spotting out of the car windows and a musicals sing off on the way home.

Hopefully we will get to rebook soon.

How was your week?

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6 thoughts on “Project 365 2024 – Week 4”

  1. Happy birthday to Eliza! It sounds like you all had a great time celebrating, that cheesecake does look so good! She looks so happy, especially with the tickets for Mean Girls.
    Oh no! That is such a shame you couldn’t go on the Hawk Walk. x

  2. That cheesecake does look nice. Happy 13th Birthday to Eliza. Shame you couldn’t see the Hawks, glad no birds were injured or killed. Well done with all the hard work with the food bank.

  3. Happy birthday to Eliza, seems to be quite a few bloggers who have kids celebrating birthdays this week 🙂 Love her reaction to the Mean Girls tickets, I hope she has a great time when it comes around.

  4. Happy belated 13th birthday to Eliza and hope she enjoyed her carvery. That strawberry trifle cheesecake does look amazing. Sounds like she had a lovely birthday and I love how excited she looks at getting tickets to see Mean Girls. What a shame the hawk walk was cancelled – it’s good that no birds were hurt by the fox though. #project365


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