Project 365 2024 – Week 5

After the excitement of a birthday last week, it is back to normal now.

We still have rehearsals almost every day at the moment, but with just a week until the performances its understandable.

There has been much excitement as their costumes have arrived…….I cannot wait to show you

Here is our week:

Sunday 28th January

The kids spent the morning at rehearsals whilst I spent a quiet day at home catching up on chores, although I did pop out for a short walk to get some bread at the local Co-Op.

Monday 29th January

We are really up against it at work at the moment due to staff absence, so it was an earlier start than usual.

Willow has finally come out of her brumation, so we are trying to handle her more so she gets used to it again. She has a real fascination with the fish at the moment.

Tuesday 30th January

My husband was supposed to be day off, but staff absence meant that he had to go in to work.

We did manage to sneak breakfast in first though before he headed to Dorchester, whilst I went to see a new charity project that I am getting involved with.

Wednesday 31st January

Isaac is a massive McClaren fan and for Christmas he got the LEGO F1 car. Today he finally finished it!!

The only problem with LEGO is that now we have to find somewhere to display it!

Thursday 1st February

January felt like it dragged by at a snail’s pace, but I cannot quite believe we have reached February already.

Sebby has his last school disco of primary school and I normally help, but he didn’t want me there, so my contribution was a donation of rolls for the hot dogs.

Friday 2nd February


It has felt like such a long time coming, but its finally here. I applied for Eliza’s new passport for her school ski trip. Fingers crossed it doesn’t take too long to get here.

We took the picture at home, just fingers crossed it gets accepted.

Saturday 3rd February

What a day!

It started smoothly, dropping Isaac at work and getting to Tesco nice and early for my shift.

About 11.30 I was called to a till as a customers payment wouldn’t go through, it’s not normally an issue, but then I got a phone call from the garage and called to other tills – the contactless payment system had gone down and it wasn’t just our store. Thankfully most customers were really lovely about it and we either stored their shopping whilst they nipped to get their cards from cars / home.

I have learned my lesson though – I only ever take my phone to work and pay for my lunch with that – I am going to keep my card in me in future!

Willow has a new corner to hide in – not sure why, as its the back door and a little drafty!

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7 thoughts on “Project 365 2024 – Week 5”

  1. Good luck to the kids with the performances.
    It sounds like things are busy at work for you and your husband, good on you for sneaking a breakfast in. It looks so good.
    That F1 car looks so cool and good luck with the passport photo. You do right taking them at home, photos can be so expensive!
    Ahh! My youngest went to our little Tesco yesterday to get our usual meal deal and was told the contactless was down. She had to ring me to check her card number. lol

  2. Willow looks huge in that last photo. I rarely pay by phone, only for things like car parking really. Lucky that cards were still working.
    Hope the passport pic is OK. We did ours at a boothbecase we don’t have any pale walls that are big enough to stand against and not get shadows or doir/window frames in.

  3. Funny I was in Tesco on Sat for an interview when the contactless went down, it was manic, I tend to use my phone a lot so I was thankful that I had my card and the chip n pin was still ok.
    My kids never really got into LEGO, but that F1 looks awesome.


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