3 Tips for Getting Your Children Safely Involved in DIY

It can be very useful for kids to get into DIY projects early. At best they can make a career of it, but at the very worst they can keep a tight ship and handle home design and function problems without shilling out for a handyman. Take a look at our tips to educate your kids safely on DIY.

Stay safe

It goes without saying that if you’re going to allow your children to help out with the DIY, you should be aware of safety at all times. Keep projects age appropriate and with precautions in place. Make sure you have all the proper safety gear. This includes things like child-sized goggles, gloves, aprons etc. Explain the importance of wearing safety equipment. Lead by example by wearing gear yourself.

Stay near your child as they work. Guide them if they get stuck. Stop them if you see any unsafe behaviour. Praise good safety practices. Only leave once you’re sure they can handle it alone.

Go over how to properly handle tools before using them. Demonstrate correct techniques. Emphasize keeping sharp or dangerous ends pointed away. And it goes without saying to not allow kids to use power tools.


Educate while you go

Remember to say why you’re doing something, not just that you’re doing it. Even the wider public doesn’t understand some of the reasons for DIY tips. If you’ve got a project in mind, consider visiting macblair.com for materials and insights.

Give clear, step-by-step instructions. Break projects down into small, manageable steps for children. Demonstrate each part before letting them try. Make sure they understand all instructions before starting.

Remember to clean up

Whether it’s a dining table or dinner, your child needs to learn that the job isn’t done once the project is complete. Sure you can take a break and admire your work, but there will be a time when the floor needs to be swept, the tools put away, and the room put back the way it was. For big projects this is important to just get some blockages out of the way. It’s important to teach kids to keep their spaces tidy anyway to avoid adverse effects, like leaving a Lego out for their siblings to step on, or food out to get mouldy. If you clean up together, it’ll feel like part of the project and part of the teamwork.

What projects can kids take part in?

There are a few different things that kids can get involved in to help nest in your home. For example, painting the spare room means any slip ups are in a room the guests won’t see. Moving the furniture can take help from the kids but remember to tell them what you’re doing and why so they can gain some taste of their own. And the garden isn’t out of bounds. You can start with a herb garden to allow them to understand how to nurture a plant and the basics of being responsible for a living thing. Perhaps that can lead to a pet. Allow them to watch you and maybe even help with things like fixing a leaky tap or changing a tire.


These tips should help spark engaging, educational, and safe DIY experiences for your kids so that you have children that can keep a home better than most, and never spend valuable money on a handy man. 

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