Project 365 2024 – Week 6

The week we have been waiting for is finally here!


After months of during and after school rehearsals, Beauty and the Beast Jr takes to the stage and it was brilliant.

Here is our week:

Sunday 5th February

Isaac and Eliza had rehearsals in the morning and once they had finished I headed in to work for the afternoon.

Isaac had his first self tape for an audition. Thankfully his friend had the same one, so they did it together, which made it easier. I wish I had kept the out-takes as some of them were hilarious!!

Monday 6th February

My early start at Tesco and this fox decided to run out in front of my car and then stalk me through the Tesco carpark.

If I am honest, it wasn’t the best day as we have so many staff off ill at the moment, so spent my day chasing my tail.

Tuesday 7th February

A much needed day off after the weekend and my husband and I went out for breakfast at Aunt Fanny’s Farm Shop. I love their decor, it’s thrown together, but it works.

Once we had finished we needed a walk, so we headed to Knowlton Church, a 12th Century church ruin at the centre of a Neolithic ritual henge earthwork, close to Wimborne

Wednesday 8th February

The day we have been waiting for…………….SHOW DAY!!

The kids were all amazing and you could really appreciate all the hard work that has gone into the show. Isaac’s friend Sam was incredible as the Beast, Isaac suited Lumiere perfectly and Eliza had everyone in stitches as bumbling Le Fou!

Thursday 9th February

Day 2 of Beauty and the Beast and this time the whole family was there to watch.

The second night was even better than the first, as I think the kids knew it was their last performance.

Everyone had a great time and the kids came out after the performance in full costume for photo’s, much to Lilah’s delight..

Friday 10th February

I was worried that after the last two late nights, the kids wouldn’t get up for their last day of school before half term, but the promise of a cast party got them moving.

I think Willow wanted to go too, but was rumbled!

Saturday 11th February

Eliza’s passport has arrived safely, taking just 7 days!

It was an uneventful work day for me and now for a week off with the kids.

We aren’t going away, but hope to have some days out, although the kids seem to have plans every other day, so we will see.

How was your week?

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5 thoughts on “Project 365 2024 – Week 6”

  1. Looks like the show went really well. Whoever did the costumes was brilliant! They looked great.
    I’ve taken time off work for half term as need to use up holiday, but N’s got plans so I doubt we’ll go anywhere together (not that he ever wants to nowadays), so I might just have to national trust it on my own.

  2. Lovely to see the fox, from a distance. I love the look of the farm shop. I’m sure the ‘thrown together look’ took a lot of planning. Well done to the kids with the show, they look fab.


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