Why Hoodies are Perfect for Kids

Hoodies are one of the best items of clothing you can put in your kid’s wardrobe. They’re perfect almost all year round. If you don’t have about ten hoodies lined up in your kid’s wardrobe, you’re doing it wrong. 

Below, we’ll tell you what we love about hoodies and why we think they’re perfect for kids. 

Unmatched Comfort and Warmth

Hoodies provide the best comfort and warmth. Even as an adult, you know how comforting it is to wrap up with a baggy hoodie. 

Crafted from soft, gentle fabrics, they’re a perfect cosy embrace for your kids, as well. There are also the hoods (believe it or not) to keep their heads warmer during winter. 

This combination of comfort and warmth ensures that children can play and explore without the constraints of uncomfortable or restrictive clothing.


Durability for Active Lifestyles

Children love play and exploration. They’re always putting their clothing through the wringer and waiting for Mom or Dad to magically make it clean again. 

Hoodies are renowned for their durability. The robust fabric and reinforced seams can endure countless cycles of wear and washing – and there will be endless cycles of wear and washing. This durability makes hoodies a cost-effective and reliable wardrobe staple.

Inclusivity and Unity

Schools and organisations often utilise wholesale hoodies from suppliers like Wordans as uniform apparel for events, teams, and groups. You can bulk buy multiple in the same size and colour, so there are no arguments about who wears what and why. Anyone can bulk buy wholesale hoodies – it’s cheaper and the quality is still good. You don’t need a branded hoodie for them to look good.

Versatility Across Seasons

Apart from summer, you can wear a hoodie pretty much any time. Even in the summer, kids can wear them in the evenings. They’re also perfect for mid-layer during winter. 

When it’s milder temperatures during spring and autumn, a hoodie becomes the outer layer. They get warmth without overheating. This versatility ensures that a hoodie remains a year-round companion for children, adaptable to the changing seasons.


Any nervous parent will know anything is a risk. The zipper on zip-up hoodies definitely is a risk. Most manufacturers now prioritise safety and functionality. They’ll include features like covered zippers and secured pockets for added safety. A lot of them also have reflective materials, which parents love.  

Individual Expression

Hoodies are a great way for them to express themselves – even if that turns from expressing themselves as Spider-Man as a kid to hiding behind a baggy one as a teenager. But for kids, it’s more likely they’ll express themselves with their favourite movie character or pick their favourite colour. 

The freedom to choose between so many options makes them feel more grown-up. Don’t you remember how fun it was to dress yourself as a kid?

Hoodies are the best for kids, especially at this time of year. They’re simple, comfy, and cosy, and you can get slightly baggy hoodies or them to grow into. It’s one of the only items of clothing you can do that with. And they’re easy to wash and style. We just love everything about them.

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