Project 365 2024 – Week 7

Half term has arrived.

Typically I managed to pick up a cold that I have been struggling to shake off this week, so we haven’t done anything we had planned.

Here is our week:

Sunday 12th February

My planned first day of the half term holiday didn’t go to plan. The kids had rehearsals for another show in March and I got a desperate phone call from work as they had a lot of staff of sick, so I ended up working the afternoon, but I did manage a relaxing bath with one of my Lush Christmas bath bombs before I went in.

Monday 13th February

We were invited to meet our new nephew today, so enjoyed lots of new baby cuddles. They have asked not to share his name and pictures online, but I do have this one of Barney and Lilah that Abbey sent me today., all dressed in Valentines PJ’s.

Tuesday 14th February

Happy Valentine’s Day and I am down with the lurgy – a cold and a cough.

We were invited to review a local arcade and with Eliza out with her friends trampolining, Isaac brought a friend along to join us.

It wasn’t a romantic day out, but we all had fun trying to out-do each other on the arcade machines.

Wednesday 15th February

I was definitely feeling worse today, so we didn’t go anywhere, other than dropping Eliza off (again). She is out with friends almost every day of the holiday’s – I think this is my life now, permanently Mum’s taxi!!

My husband did buy me some flowers yesterday……. I was more impressed with them than my card!


Thursday 16th February

I am still not feeling 100%, but definitely on the mend.

Willow has been going mad this week, wanting to spend lots of time out of her vivarium. She has a particular fondness for hiding under our unit, where we struggle to get her out, so my husband blocked it up. Didn’t stop her trying to get to it though.

Friday 17th February

Cannot believe half term is almost over and we have barely done anything, definitely none of the days out we had planned.

We did manage to get out of the house for some fresh air, with a stroll along the beach and a visit to a local arcade, where the kids managed to get rid of all their 2ps’.

Saturday 18th February

The day I have been looking forward to for a while……. a trip to Sussex to see Callan, Chelsea and Barney.

Sadly the weather wasn’t on our side, but we went out for lunch in the local Haskins and it was lovely to see Barney so awake and interacting with everyone.

How was your week?

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