Project 365 2024 – Week 9 & 10

It has been a busy couple of weeks, with lots of overtime at work, so I have got a little behind with the blog.

The kids are gearing up for another show, so lots of ferrying to auditions again.

Here is our weeks:

Sunday 25th February

It is a work day for me, but as it’s a later start, I did get to treat myself to a bath before I went in. Of course the kids argued who was going to get the little frog that was sat on top.

It was payday weekend, but it was a fairly quiet day, so managed to catch up with training for some of the staff.

Monday 26th February

My last 5.30am start at Tesco as they are changing how we do the change run from next week. I am looking forward to having an extra hour in bed from next week.

We had Lilah after school and she decided she wanted to be one of Isaac’s shoes, so he ended up dragging her along the floor as she giggled in delight.

Tuesday 27th February

I was asked to cover at preschool today, so no day off for me this week. It was a very different day from my normal Wednesday, with lots of new names to learn. There are a few siblings of some of our old pupils, so I did call a couple the wrong name for most of the day – they did answer me though LOL.

My only photo is of Lilah stroking Willow. She is loving her being awake and I think Willow quite likes the attention.

Wednesday 28th February

Another preschool day and I think we wore them all out.

Lilah and Sebby are the closest in age and he normally likes to wind her up, but today they snuggled up on the sofa to watch a film and promptly fell asleep. I am going to miss this when she starts school in September.

Thursday 29th February

Rain, rain and more rain!!

Lilah’s preschool friends were very jealous of her tiger umbrella.

I popped in to see my Mum and we headed to Dorchester to raid the charity shops for Sebby’s upcoming school trip. They are off to Nothe Fort so see what life would have been like in the war and have to dress as evacuee’s. I was very grateful for her log burner when we got home, as it was such a miserable day.

Friday 1st March

Secondary school results day and Sebby will be joining his brother and sister at their school. I am looking forward to them all being in the same place again!

My only photo’s are of donations I have made at work for various upcoming events – which reminds me, Tesco has changed the way they do their customer survey’s and instead of cards, they are sending emails. If any of my readers get one, please do fill it in and be honest. All large stores have a Community Champion (me) and we donate food / raffle prizes to events, give away good quality surplus food to charity every day and of course support local charity projects too, as well as our Stronger Starts grant program.

Saturday 2nd March

Another work day and part of my job is booking in local charities to come and do bucket collections. This weekend was extra special though, as we had a local charity choir in, who performed for our customers. They are made up of three different charity’s who do such amazing work.

Sunday 3rd March

A work day for me again and my colleagues last day, so we made sure we made a fuss of her. She really will be missed.

Willow seemed very intrigued by my new candle jar.

Monday 4th March

My hours have changed at work now and it was a novelty leaving the house in daylight.

Sebby had his school trip to Nothe Fort and was very excited about dressing as an evacuee.

His favourite bit of the trip was sitting in an Anderson Shelter, with people throwing stones at it to make it sound like bombs were going off nearby.

Tuesday 5th March

A chilly, but bright school run.

The kids were fascinated by the water evaporating from the fence on the school run.

Wednesday 6th March

My preschool day.

Lilah’s favourite this week is Isaac and she insisted on cuddles on the sofa, whilst watching Minions.


Thursday 7th March

World Book Day!!!

It’s sad to think that this will be my last one, but we had fun sending Monkey (from Bunny vs Monkey) and Supertato (and the Evil Pea) to school.

Abbey has been looking after her friends dog whilst they are away, but had to work from the office, so asked me to go and let Ralphie out for a wee. I think Eliza wants to keep him.

Friday 8th March

Eliza has her ski trip coming up in a couple of weeks and we have finally been out to get some of the kit she needs.

She didn’t want her photo taken, but managed to sneak this one of her peering around the door!

I also ordered her Ski jacket and trousers on Vinted, but sadly they didn’t fit, so back to the drawing board for those.

Saturday 9th March

I love my role at Tesco as we can make a real difference to our local community. Today was one of those days, as we donated wetsuits, floatation aids, wet shoes and dry bags to local charity, Watersports Library, who help people get out on the water by loaning out the equipment they need at a minimal cost.

How was your week?

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5 thoughts on “Project 365 2024 – Week 9 & 10”

  1. You do so much with your charity/community role at Tesco. Must be nice to be able to help and see the difference it makes. Love Lilah’s watching the film with her sunglasses on! Nothe Fort’s a great place. Must be nice to have that nearby for school trips. N would hate dressing up – although they did put on soldiers overcoats/helmets when they went in a trench at a study centre trip at primary school

  2. Well done with all the charity work, bet the extra hour in bed is a god send. Phew to all the children being in the same school again in September and I bet you’ll miss Lilah when she starts full time. Our granddaughter starts full time in September also.

  3. Love the bath bomb with the frog. The photo of Lilah sitting on Isaac’s shoes made me chuckle – my nieces used to love doing that with my husband – he’d often have one on each foot! Love the photo of Lilah and Sebby snuggled up asleep on the sofa. Lilah’s tiger umbrella is very cool. That’s good news about Sebby going to the same school as Eliza and Isaac. Love the World Book Day outfits. #project365


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