How Much Does A Full House Renovation Cost

House purchases or changes are never simple. It is a huge decision, and there are many aspects that you should consider before taking the final call. Financial decisions are a priority in such cases, and it’s obvious that you should dodge between factors that help you decide for yourself. 

So, how much does the renovation cost? Well, there isn’t any straightforward answer for the same. The only thing you can rely upon is that the cost depends on the scope of the project and the requirements that drive the cost. If the project has a limited scope, it will cost less and vice versa. Hence, it’s better to stick to knowing the house renovation costs per m2.

When you want to be specific about determining the cost of house remodeling, you have to sit down with a professional and work on certain aspects related to the project. You have to consider the materials that you want to use, the high-end finish requirements, and the projected and unprojected bumps, amongst other additional spends. 

Expenditure Estimates For A Full House Renovation 

Let’s stick to the basics for discussion which means to assume that you want to go for a full reservation. The projection cost can range from $1,200 to $82,000. The average cost lies anywhere around $41,600. However, it is a usual thing that various high-end projects need basics like demolition, and plumbing fixtures, followed by ad-ons. Hence, the costs can be different for small and medium-sized homes in comparison to bigger and lavish homes. 

Also, renovations depend on the vision of the homeowner. For example, home renovations can be minor cosmetic upgrades for some people, while others might call renovation a complete demolition of their previous home to rebuild it from scratch. Hence, no matter how big or small, people choose renovations based on their budget and brace themselves for this adventure, as it is definitely nothing short of that! 

Let’s get a rough idea of the renovation costs. 

Expectation Estimates 
Average cost $41,600
Highest cost$82,000
Lowest cost $1,200

The complexity of the job, materials, and budget are the primary considerations when determining the cost of renovating your home. 

A simple job exclusive to the floor plan adjustments is likely to fall on the lower end of the spectrum. However, if there are walls that require demolition followed by rerouting of plumbing pipes, the costs will likely fall at the higher end. Also, the inclusion of high-end materials will add to the prices, and the need for appliances and fixtures will make the costs vary. 

Different Costs For Different Renovations

Choosing the best renovation is an elaborate process, and the one that suits your needs and goals is an important step. The common renovations that you can consider are as follows:

Full House Renovation

It is a comprehensive renovation technique that involves the complete demolition and remodeling of the house. You can have structural changes of the home, followed by upgrades related to electrical and plumbing materials. These are costly, but if you are looking to transform your home thoroughly, this is your way. 

Kitchen Renovation 

Some people love cooking in aesthetic corners, and that’s why they want their kitchen renovation to be the name of the whole house renovation. Kitchen renovation involves changing cabinets, changing appliances, flooring, and countertops for a better look. 

Bathroom Renovation 

These can range from simple updates to a complete remodel. Minor changes in your bathroom can include changing cabinets, installing new fixtures, tiling, and reconfiguring the bathroom layout. 

The scope of such renovations can add and subtract the costs, and the high-end inclusions will lead to expensive renovations. 


Room-Specific Renovation 

Renovations can come for people based on their specific needs. For example, they can be specific about renovating a room, along with one washroom and the attic. The requirements will want you to cater to your particular needs and preferences. The cost will depend on the size of the place and the kind of customizations that you want. 

Exterior Renovation 

Exteriors are fancy for any place, and such requirements usually apply to the whole house. The exterior work will help enhance the curb appeal and add to your outdoor living space. Exterior renovation includes landscaping, patio construction, deck, siding replacement, and roof repair, if needed. The cost is varied in such situations, too. 

Energy-Efficient Renovation 

It is a relatively simple option that allows you to add energy-efficient stuff to your home. You can install energy-efficient windows and insulation, followed by heating and cooling systems. However, these things should be decided beforehand as you cannot get them done towards the end of the process. These are expensive at the beginning, but they can lead to long-term savings. 

smart energy monitor

Structural Renovation 

Now, if you want to change the foundation elements of your home, you can go for a structural renovation. It includes the removal of walls and pillars at your house to create an open space, followed by making the necessary repairs to ensure the integrity of your home. 

Apart from these, there are some others that you can choose from, like DIY renovation or cosmetic renovation that focuses on the aesthetic improvement of your place. Also, partial renovation is your option if you are running on a budget and want to sort the renovation priority first. 

Importance Of Choosing Your Kind Of Renovation

The cost is majorly dependent on the kind of renovation you want; hence, you should see all your bets before making the final call. When you know about the availability of options, it becomes easier for you to create a vision that can become a reality later on. It helps you be specific and spend your money wisely. Also, you can choose your contractor for renovations based on your requirements. 

Cost-cutting is done the best in this way as while deciding the kind of renovation that you want, you can see the things that you can do by yourself. DIY will help you save bucks, and definitely, tiny steps will help you save considerable amounts. 


Whole house renovation costs are discussed over here, but they may vary owing to the market conditions, demand, and other dynamic factors. However, the rough costs will help you make a plan of action that works for your need of getting a home renovation done in no time. 

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