Project 365 2024 – Week 16

Fingers crossed the issues with my blog are fixed, although it all seems to link back to google chrome.

Sunday 14th April

One of my colleagues is off poorly so I agreed to work her shift. It wasn’t a normal Sunday and was quiet most of the day, so managed to get all the extra jobs done, which was nice.

The blossom on our apple tree is really out now.

Monday 15th April

Back to school for Sebby, but Isaac and Eliza have an inset day – good job as Eliza still hasn’t recovered from her ski trip yet.

We have stock take at work tomorrow, so I spent the day sorting our charity donations of items that have been cleared. All this frozen food went to Waste Not Want Not in Poole, where it will be distributed to those in need.

Tuesday 16th April

Had a day off with my husband, so we headed out for a breakfast treat at Piazza Lounge in Wimborne.

The plan was to go for a walk afterwards, but that was swiftly thwarted by the weather. We popped in to see his brother and sister-in-law for baby cuddles instead.

Wednesday 17th April

My preschool day and it was a busy one.

Lilah was over-the-moon to have her “Boo” home to play with.

Thursday 18th April

In the morning I visited Poole Foodbank with my fellow local community champions. We do this roughly every quarter to plan activities over the next few months and see where they most need support.

We are struggling to get Sebby back in to a routine after the holiday’s, but he has SATs coming up next month and needs his sleep. Isaac decided to give him a special Kian’s “chewwy delivery” to get him back to bed.

Friday 19th April

There has been more staff restructuring at work, this time with the HR / wages clerks going as everything is done online now. I helped set up their leaving celebration and have now vowed that I am never making a balloon arch ever again!!!!

My hands are still hurting!

Saturday 20th April

I got a text I wasn’t expecting…… invite to Covid jab number 6!!

I think my husband has only had two and Isaac only one. I am all booked in for next Saturday after work!

How was your week?

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5 thoughts on “Project 365 2024 – Week 16”

  1. I’m wondering whether I’ll get a covid jab invite too. The OH’s only had 2, and I think I’ve had 4 or 5. Last time they couldn’t work out why I’d been called in, so maybe I won’t this time. That breakfast looks amazing

  2. Oh wow! What an amazing rainbow!
    Sorry you have been having issues with your blog.
    I bet the donations are really appreciated and what a fun way for Sebby to go back to bed.
    That is a surprise about the Covid jab. My eldest works in a care home and all the residents have had theirs but it’s not available for staff yet.

  3. It definitely can be so hard to get back to a routine after the hols, Bee also has her Sats coming up.

    Good job on the balloon arch…I have never tried to make one yet!

    My parents have had an invite for the jab too.

  4. The apple blossom is so pretty. Lovely photo of Lilah cuddling Eliza. Good luck with getting Sebby back into a routine and hope all goes well with his SATs. The balloon arch looks good – I can imagine it was hard work putting it together though! #WotW


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