Luton’s Hidden Highlights: A Day to Explore Beyond the Airport’s Boundaries

From business people to travellers, London is a city that everyone knows and loves because of the plethora of options for all kinds of interests and tastes. It would be a shame to stay only in the central regions and not explore the treasures and gems all around. Luton’s hidden highlights are an excellent example of the rich surprises waiting for you just outside London. A day to explore beyond the airport’s boundaries is enough to turn you into a well-educated traveller. 

Parking at Luton

By leaving your car at Luton Airport, you gain the peace of mind to indulge in the travel adventures that are waiting for you without worrying about your vehicle. There are so many car parking options to choose from that it is certain that you’ll find the one matching your needs. From affordable off-site parking services to car-drop zones near the terminals, you and your car are fully covered. You can find all the details for diverse Luton airport parking options on so that you can spot the best one for you in no time. And then, there’s nothing stopping you from fun travel adventures. 

Means to Explore beyond the Airport’s Boundaries

There are several modes of transport arriving at the airport and ensuring that all travellers can reach their destinations with ease. Buses and taxis are the most popular means used by the visitors of the airport. It is not uncommon for travellers to have arranged private transfers prior to their arrival in Luton. If privacy and comfort sound important, you can book a private airport transfer or car hire, but you need to do it in advance. 

Luton’s Hidden Highlights

You have one day to explore the area surrounding Luton Airport. These are the places you must visit:

Stockwood Discovery Centre

If you have the energy and the brain power, you should pay a visit to the Stockwood Discovery Centre. It’s the perfect place to learn about the region, as it is home to exhibits on archaeology, geology, and local crafts, even carriages. 

Wardown House Museum and Gallery

Another cultural landmark that is included in Luton’s hidden highlights is the Wardown House Museum and Gallery. The museum is situated in a Victorian mansion and showcases the local history and heritage of Luton. Period interior design, works of art, and beautiful gardens are the main attractions of the place. 

Hitchin Lavender

Photo by Baraa Jalahej on Unsplash

A bit further from Luton Airport but an unmissable attraction for romantic souls is the Hitchin Lavender. It’s a gorgeous field full of lavender. You will also find a shop with lavender-infused products, such as soap. That’s one of the most Instagrammable places in the region. 

If these destinations sound appealing, don’t hesitate to book your holiday to London now and embark on underrated travel experiences. Luton promises fun adventures for sure!

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